megyn has not been playing with donald trump’s ass? since the beginning. lmao (you know who’s coming over the border, sometimes unaccompanied? KIDS! because US policies — not supporting the sandinistas, peasant farm workers! — and supporting oppressive drug infested warlord governments — in other people’s countries?! has their parents so desperate? They give up their CHILDREN, or run with them here? hoping they have a chance to LIVE! “Those people” don’t want to come here! They miss home! They just don’t have any other options!)

And we need to GET RID OF THIS JUDGE! If he hasn’t already been forced to step down. He is totally incompetent and knows not a thing about child development! Lol Are you joking?!

This country is going to learn how to protect children.


Megyn Kelly is the only journalist with access to this clown, running for president, who’s beginning to see how STUPID a move that was…(sometimes I’m still in shock that this is reality lol)? who even DARED to ask this dude a REAL question. lmao!!! donald trump?! are you listening to

HER. A #1. I know you were just thinking, looking at her, how can I get some of that. Her husband will kick your ass!!! Lmao!!!

(don’t listen to me. i already told your ass i don’t want any damn taco trucks on every corner. i don’t even like tacos all that much. there are two countries on earth, besides the united states, that exist to donald trump — china. and mexico. and one other world leader — a dick-tator — puke-in lmao!!!)


Quick!!! Hide your daughters!!! Lmao!!! It will be open season!!!

A whole DIVERSITY of women!!! ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Lmao!

Don’t you EVER disrespect Megyn Kelly again. Or try and intimidate her (ain’t happening) cuz you don’t know how to answer a question. China. Tacos. Rosie O’Donnell. Mexico. Wall. November 28th. They will pay. lmao! Only person paying? Is YOU. For affordable housing!!! Lmao!!!

I’m your only woman friend left. Besides Ivanka. And your wife. Keep this up? You gonna lose her too lmao! And guess what you won’t be doing. Because you really don’t know me. Or how crazy I can be. Crazier than you. I had to bust this dude upside his head with a 22 of presidentE (see the e on the end of that? Lol) a BLACK man. one time. I was so furious? I thought I cracked his skull open. That dude was like 6'2". 225 pounds. He was crying!!! Lmao! And he ran too!!! Shouldn’t have tried to touch me. That’s a no no!!! Lol!!!




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