mi novio wants to go to an irish pub

and he doesn’t even really drink. lol he just hears me talking about feeling safe. like, you harass me? you are getting thrown out on your ass. picked up, and thrown the fuck on the street! banned! for a YEAR! (thanks donnie! Make sure you pronounce it correctly: dough-knee.)

he doesn’t speak much english either. but i explained to him, that irish pubs in boston? the real original ones, anyway — owned by IRA members?

are safe spaces. no one will say shit about his accent (um, some of those undocumented immigrants with their 5 gallon paint buckets — have thick ones. i was like, what the fuck are you saying?! but i understand them a lot more now. lol! they think people in this country are crazy. they saving up to get the fuck outta here. before this place collapses in on itself. hahahahaha!)

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