More Black Press and Black Women Rock?

(What happens when you reach out to mixed chics like you? Who are marginalized and abused? And instead of helping…with something you had no clue about, but that they knew all about — for years and years and years... A huge epidemic of abuse…and they laugh at you? You’re trash and worthless. They are the “real” oppressed women…And collect their checks…? I mean, they still have the opportunity to do something different? But they’d rather keep hurting people. Break up relationships. Ignore the oppressed. Just happened yesterday. The subliminal message “scorpio”, tweeting to another scorpio, cuz what she wanted to do? Was steal my idea for a business and make it her own…Again, I’m bipolar, so I am worthless. No recognition that I am more formally educated, that I work very hard off my own merits, and, am a pretty decent poet and writer. smh. Line pockets, steal ideas, and generally? Be scum of the earth. They are more interested in themselves over everyone else. You have no idea, and never will, how hard I pleaded with these women…I even suggested that one of them publish MY poetry so I could donate the proceeds to charity. Not one word. And you know what would have really gone a long long way “I’m sorry”…two words. Still haven’t “ heard” two simple words, apologizing — generally — to all men and women who don’t matter to them, at ALL. So, this is what happens:)

I got a whole list of black women with NO MONEY — that you can (uh oh…wait, it’s coming…) — HELP!

Thank you in advance. And I have confidence and faith in the FACT that you can do it! You’re a BOSS! (Do you see my ex coming to help you? Did he offer to do ONE thing to assist you? Contact you, reach out his hand, tell you he loves you and wants you to win? Nope. But you are so delusional? You actually think that’s going to happen. That dude has 4 kids, and no money. You actually think he’s going to leave his wife, and come help you with this mess? You’re certifiably — insane. You need an excellent therapist for that, um, mental illness. Let me tell you what type of dude he is…since I know him, intimately — in reality, and you know him — only through my words. He is the type of man who looks for women to protect him. If you make money? He may seek you out then. And, guess who will be there to stop him, me — and his “shield” of women. Including his wife. He’s married! And you know how much he loves his wife? He cc’s? Everything to her. That dude does not want the responsibility of more than one wife. He’s falling in love all over again! lol!!! It’s super romantic. And, you can’t join my team until you call your son’s father. Because I believe that children have a right to their parents. REALLY. lol)

the only people helping? are people who had nothing to do with this! me, included!

So, I know you can! You care so much more than everyone else. And, you’re excellent at helping yourself (to other people’s ideas, for your pockets only).

Time to work on your own!!! Link up with your worst nightmare? I’m sure she can block, assist, and pass. 💯

Go Fund Me is a BEAST!

I think ya’ll should listen to this BLACK woman’s lyrics. She ROCKS! I’m mixed black, but it’s funny that we have the same sentiments about marginalized and abused women. It’s um, hip hop.

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