More lies.

No one in the Dominican Republic would ever call you black. Or force you to ID that way. When I am in the Dominican Republic? I am always a morena. No one calls me negra.

The only problem I had with my ex, who comes from a mixed black family where his lighter skin is emulated. So much so? That he was sent to live with his “white” grandmother instead of being raised by his black mother.

Was “Indio” on his license. Nigga, you are about as Indio? As a black american. Your ancestory is white colonialism, starting with Columbus who killed off all the Tainos. Quickly.

And Black African.

He ID’s as Moreno. His brothers and sisters ID as Negro/a.

And for you to pull that shit. Knowing that race is constructed differently in the Dominican Republic, in America, because it is a majority black and brown country. Bout as evil as your HIV spreading.

You are a morena there. You are mixed black here.

Do not coopt negras and black women’s voices. Ever. You do not deal with the same shit a black on both sides woman does. With — none — of your light skinned, straighter haired, privileges.

Fuck outta here hoe. And take skin bleaching Trudy Ann with your ass.

I do not have those issues. I did not grow up in prejudice or — racism.

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