To the super prejudice white people online? Talking shit about Melania Trump’s accent. She will NEVER lose her accent. lol She learned English, past the threshold period. Aged 12/13. It has nothing to do with her competency. She’s a level 3/4 English Language Learner, which is why she copied parts of Michelle Obama’s speech. Because, Melania Trump — loves Michelle Obama. As do a LOT of people. lmao! And until you can speak five languages, instead of just one? Shut up!!!

Mr. Sessions?

Don’t be talking smack about my man!!! Or, the Dominican women in my family who bust they ASS! And provide for and support their men!!! Americans! Those women make more money than my brothers! Lmao!

My man is skilled all right! Skilled at giving back to people who have far less than he does! RISKING HIS LIFE to deliver food across the Haitian border to feed people more marginalized than he is because THEY ARE HUNGRY!

And, he’s already learning English, cuz guess who his teacher is?!

“I hungry. I eating.”

“It is raining. Very. Very.” lmao!

“I going to work”

“I going to house, grandmothers”

“I have cold”

And, he’s constantly capping on me because the Spanish word for “truck” is “camión” not “camarón” — that’s shrimp. Which I do like to eat, but only in moderation because it’s high in cholesterol. So ya’ll old white dudes better watch what you’re putting in your bodies.

He wants his damn vegetable truck, I asked him if he wanted a fleet of them? Because you can do that in America. He’s like, “no no no amor mio. Solamente uno.” But personally, I think he should have 3 or 4 (no taco trucks on every corner lmao!!! That is too funny!)

He also wants to go to Fenway Park (which I am not super excited about since I like swimming, tennis and soccer— mostly individual and not team sports. But whatever. I guess I can get into baseball. It’s not segregated anymore. So that’s something. Lol baseball is sooo boring to me lol if I have to watch it for more than 10 minutes? I start reading. Listening to it on the radio in RD? I’m asleep in 5 minutes. Nothing happens for hours! Lmao! Don’t tell him or he’ll get angry and say I know nothing about baseball and to just keep reading lol!)

All these Immigrants do? WORK! WORK! WORK! slave labor jobs! Stop lying on hardworking people who want to come to this country because they desire opportunities that they don’t have in their own! (Wonder who’s fault that is!) ugh!

What is WRONG with you heartless people?!

Refugees! If I was president of this country? This kid would have been here yesterday!

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