My bad; Hood Academic. ☺️

Much love! Lol!

(Watch the contradictions. You one of those young men Trudy woulda turned her nose up at. Started talking all kinds of shit about, makin up lies on yo ass. Instead of just saying “good morning”)



This is not violence. It’s stupid. Lmao! But a nigga sending you a pic of his dick? Is not violent.

Who calls a penis a phallus? Lmao!

This chic act like the penis hopped through her computer and violently assaulted her. Different Penis!! Just delete that shit!!

In what way is a picture of a penis, violent? 🙃🙃

Relax sociopathic Trudi Ann.

(I would be #9 though. Lol When you don’t get to see yo man all that frequently And you loyal and faithful and celibate. It’s nice to look at his penis. Lmao! Sorry for contributing to you chics harassment. Soon as you start being nice to these niggaz? They will become more rare. The dick pics. Try that shit. It works for me. Being kind is a natural deterrent for dick pics.

Be a sociopathic hoe? Lie cheat steal stalk? You get all the dick pics you want.)

Now COCK-a-doodle-doo 😒🙃.

“Niggaz and bitches is trife. Niggaz and bitches is. We just don’t understand our fundamental differences. I’m still learnin ‘em. Actually, I just do what comes naturally.”

That’s for all you bitches and hoes. I’m no bitch or hoe.

Name that creator! Lol (and no. I don’t want a picture of his dick 😷😷. Thank you! Save it for your one wife only! ☺️)

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