My ex is not coming Jessica Care Moore.

He has a wife. Jessica. DJ Redgurl. A natural redhead, not a chic with light brown hair (because she has a white mother) that she dyes red. She was born a redhead.

And he has 4 beautiful biracial/mixed children who are diverse.

He has a family. A beautiful, happy, multilingual family. Which you will not be breaking up for your “art”. You said it yourself. You “fall in love sometimes” for your art. Which is your art. That’s true. You wrote all those poems yourself.

While stalking me and not plagiarizing my words — but plagiarizing my life. Which is just as bad. If not worse.

Please go get some mental health help. Your son deserves his father. It is not your place to damage them because he does not do exactly what you want him to.

There are women out here who really struggle! They marry men who have nothing. Support those men and help them on their come up. Marry them because they love them. And as soon as that dude has a little bit of success. He’s gone to some chic who has never put in .1% of the slave labor she has.

And you know what is truly amazing? Despite the horrible amounts of pain she must be in? She still works her slave labor jobs, gives back to folks far more marginalized than she is, and she bites the bullet and makes sure her sons have relationship/s with their dad/s! (I love you mom! My mom. The white one.)

Not because she’s the hoe moment chic, but because he couldn’t figure out how to be a righteous man!

I illed on that dude! I called him a bitch nigga!! And that BLACK woman was still was like “it’s okay”.

But to me? It isn’t okay. You gotta come correct for your mistakes on the backs of good women. It’s one thing not to love someone anymore because they’ve only ever used and abused you, don’t take care of your children the way they should, or always loved someone else from the very beginning — and fucked up massively.

But a man? Does what a man is supposed to do, and lives with his decisions.

No man I’ve ever been with or shown any support — is going out on good women like a hoe!! I will chop his head off!

Women? ALL WOMEN! Have had — enough! And there are millions and millions of women around this planet —


who are like?

Right on sis!

I assure you, it will be a dangerous move — especially with black on both sides women, who have knowledge of self, and who are getting more and more furious at your abuse? To fuck with someone else’s husband, or even try to.

Guess who has an entire army of black women who will begin — first — by cutting off those locks. And strangling you with them. Because they are the women who get severely damaged? By mixed chics like you!!

And I? Support them. Not your tiny “team” of black women rockin. Where you headline yourself, pocket most of the profits. And give back nothing but poetry, built off your cooptation of my life.

You need serious mental health help. Get it.

Because you will ride my back? No more. There are black women who also have guns. Perfectly sane black women. And aren’t afraid to use them if it means helping humanity, ALL of humanity — win!

Go get help, get a job, and find yourself a regular ass man (the uber driver refugee right in Detroit maybe?) who will love you, for who you are.

Because you are not me. And, you never will be.

(Let is go, lovelyti. It’s not the chic in Florida. It’s Beyoncé. And a mobbb.)

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