My man just made his third run to Haiti. More vegetables. Lol Back safely. He REFUSES to let me go to Haiti? Unless we’re meeting my homies? There. Contacts and political connects. He says it is extremely dangerous for me to travel through the countryside? With an American passport. 😞 Because of Bill Clinton’s (NOT Hillary’s) “foundation”…to feed all his illegitimate children. (And that better be where the profits are going!)

Haiti? Is like Ireland. Writing capital of the Caribbean.

(For the record, and AGAIN, I would like Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan to work TOGETHER, to make this a better situation for ALL Americans. Both men? Know how to do that. And actually — DO. I think they care more about the people of this country than a lot of folks do. 😒💩. And I’m sure if you ask their kids? They’re pretty GOOD dads…Can’t take a break…Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.? colonization, divide and conquer? Is back to her spread legged games again! 😷 #5,000 — or something. I’d like to thank Senator Ryan for doing something to protect women AND men from sexual abuse. And Senator Sanders for trying to do something about access to Higher Ed., and crushing student loan debt. Issues that affect ALL Americans. I truly feel like the old Talib Kweli… “I don’t fuck with politics. I don’t even follow it…” I just like people who do good things for other human beings.)

And please don’t tell me not to resist people who wanted me to be marginalized and enslaved forever — while they ripped off my entire life. And helped Donald Trump get as far as he has. It’s insulting coming from a marginalized bipolar woman. I am in no way in support of what happened to protestors in Ferguson. And I didn’t run there to spit poetry on a stage — -to promote my brand. I feel like the people who were so compelled to do something? They quit their jobs, with no money, slept on people’s couches…and decided to show up and join the crowd. That’s what I, and thousands of others, did in my city.

I wanted the Green Party on the ballot. *shrugs* I’m pretty tired of status quo politics.

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