I have a humongous issue with Ben Shapiro on Planned Parenthood. And women’s healthcare. “Uge!” Lol!

(Emmanuel college, btw. Was an all girls catholic college. That my conservative ass housemate’s mother and her sister attended.

Her: well, it was the civil rights movement. And we had a black friend who wanted to play tennis. And the country club said no. So we all said, let’s build our own tennis court! In the neighborhood!

Me: what happened?

Her: well, since all our tax money wasn’t caught up in Washington. We petitioned our town. Bought some land together. Built a tennis court. And everybody can play!


Because their Italian immigrant in utero mother? Was like, I DON’T THINK SO! My daughters are going to be educated!

So, that’s what happened.

Must have passed down that lesson. Cuz the chics in that family make more money than they husbands. And those niggaz are cookin, cleanin, and some more shit. The idea of women not being highly educated in that family?

Unthinkable. Really.)

Who’s doin fine? Yo babies that your wife Mor CHOSE to have? Let her not love yo ass and have to put up wit some bullshit!!

That chic woulda been at Planned Parenthood like *shrug* “what he don’t know won’t hurt him. I’ll just bring my home girl. She gets it! I’ll just say I’m sick. I have a very bad yeast infection and it’s gonna take 6 weeks to get rid of it.”


(But I’m glad your babies are doing well! That’s whussup! 😘)

My only question is…how you gonna shoot harambe when some dumb ass parents weren’t supervising they kid! Shoot them too! Make it equal! Lmmfao!

You don’t let your damn kid climb into a gorilla cage! And err’body got that nigga excited! Cuz they all started screaming and acting absolutely ridiculous.

My ass woulda been like shut the fuck up! Shut up! All off you dumb ass white people! Harambe don’t know what the fuck is goin on! He’s a gorilla! Not a homo sapien sapien!


Let me go down there and get that baby. Ya’ll stupid as fuck!

(Insurance companies are for profit enterprises, Ben. 😒. If you don’t want to be in the business of providing affordable healthcare [see gauze. 100 dollars a box?] then maybe you shouldn’t be in the healthcare business? They — greedy ass super capitalists. They are not hurting. For jack shit.)

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