Those are Ahi tuna chunks. In my soup. I don’t eat fish that much. Save the fish!(never will I tell you what I put it in it. Make it yoself! No stock photos!! Lmao!)

It’s not a “problem”. 🤓

My 3 biggest fears in life, besides my father allowing ZERO Ironheads. And people who have tats all over their bodies. “What is he, a pirate? Stealing other people’s treasure?” Lmmfao!

1) YG is not a regular ass nigga. Lol

2) he chasin some big booty photoshopped fake titty hoes. And chics who don’t wash they asses. Properly. (Tissue, will never be enough). My luxury dream? (See below. That ish feels excellent! Lol!)

3) his mama gonna try and make me eat a cheeseburger. And I’ll be the bougie stuck up bitch who politely declines and asks if the collard greens have smoked herring instead of pigs feet/smoked neckbone


I’d install it myself. But my housemate thinks I’ll fuck it up. Which, he knows I would not. 😒 And he don’t want it. He owns the crib. *shrug*


70 bucks. My free labor. I’ll change ya whole damn dirty ass flange. Clean hoe!! Clean! I ain’t no dirty ass chicken shit pigeon brained rooster fuckin err’thang woman. I just have all my shit packed in boxes. Like, where my REAL home at?

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