are ashkenazi jews.

here we gooo…

yes. my mother, is an ashkenazi. her family hid. behind some flag i don’t know too much about, cuz you read mein kampf.

not me.

my mother.

anne frank unibrow, that she shaved,

up the middle

and thick, thick, thick, thick, hair.

same woman who paid all my “daddy’s” bills. while he was out lookin…

for the next woman, to capitalize on. she had an issue,

that had nothing to do with black and white. just a black man, beating her


and i’ll tell you this once,

my mother (not yours)

gave me


saving genetics.

didn’t have no hatred in her heart,

for anyone.

she worked a menial job, data entry,

white woman

on a 9th grade education.

and swam

in the quincy quarries.

all. the. time.

she didn’t drown,

though her italian boyfriend did…(so so many, kids, did. enough? that they…

drained em)

and she did me a favor.

mitochondrial dna.

and i owe


a great


for it.

so don’t you EVER

talk about

my mother.

you stupid false fraudulent, thinking you control shit


women run


and you will shut your patriarchal mouth?

or get?

run over.

i’ve lived in

mixed BLACK neighborhoods,

all my life.

you were the black prep school boy,

who made fun of my afro.

i don’t have no

one love

for you.

till you promote,

your WIFE,

and do what’s


and what cops, mr. blah blah blah,

are YOU talking about,

the ones i was threatened with?

that i never call?

check your…

or your dumb ass,

representing them ALL!

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