new atheism?

i’ve been having a problem with god? since i found out the biblical beast, in revelations? book of john? was supposedly a horrible woman.

i was like, this is a crock of bullshit. lol i was like, 5. these holy books? are very dangerous to women…because men use them, to accumulate us. and oppress us. ALL of the monotheistic religions are very problematic, in my mind.


all. the. time.

i prefer knowlege of my own self? except that is filled with patriarchy. cuz in their teachings, the black MAN is god. and i’m like, here we go again…i’m currently on buddha. and the tao de ching. well, i been on the tao de ching. so hard? that i named my cat millat. 17 years ago. which means “the path” or “the way”. lol

(Disclaimer: Millat is a Bengali word)

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