No means NO! Respect that.

And thank you black and brown and white and abused and marginalized women who know what it is to live with/care about someone with a mental difference.

(Because the truth is? There are a diversity of women, who care — a lot. And I do character, over race. All day, every day. I learned that — the hardest way, as a mixed black woman who kept trying to reach out for help — to mixed chics who call themselves black only. It wasn’t till I reached out to black on both sides women. And noticed white on both sides women were showing love too [shocked me as well…you can always learn something new], that I abandoned race as anything more than a superficial characteristic, that has not a thing to do with who you are — as a human. Doesn’t mean black folks aren’t severely marginalized and abused. Just means, so are some white folks as well.)

Love ya’ll!

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