No panic. Watch how — easy!

I’m 44. Btw. Ava DuVernay. Is 45. The Disney hoe.

Just like Cardi B. Snow White!! Neither of whom can swim.

And I don’t fuck wit nobody’s man. Nor, do I lie on, cheat on, or steal from — mine!

Children will drown in this hurricane. Steele yourselves. Donald Trump playing the spread HIV game. You spread HIV? Hoeing?? You drown.

No hoes allowed.

I tried to warn you. You fought me. Instead of HIV!!

Live righteous.




Nothing to do with Feminista hoes spread of HIV!!

Police brutality. Which she’s never experienced. But which WE! have.

M.O.V. Out the way.

“I get money I don’t hate.”

And king? A smart nigga. He like mixed chics. Not interested in fat stinky booty — at all. He’s a vegetarian. And a gangsta. Blue!

And no. Conversation only. My pussy locked! Lol!


Excellent mama! And treats — women — With the ultimate respect!

No hoes allowed!!

Black only twitter lessons!

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