AI love those young ladies at CC sooooooo much! How come you did not listen to me? Huh? Poetry and rap are not synonymous with hoe moments. You have to love yourself. Touch yourself. Buy pizza — for yourself off your own money! If no nigga wanna buy you a slice! Cuz they steady ain’t feelin you without throwing them a little trim!

Too fuckin bad. How’s that?

“A forty and a blunt, that’s all she really wants”. Brand Nubian! I listen!

No it’s not! I want good respectful love!

Tell that nigga to get to stepping! And let his ass know you got your own shit! You don’t need his! You ain’t bringin nothin to the table anyway. But some dick and red trunk full of junk.

Nigga please! I need substance! LOVE!

Not material possessions!!

Your values in life are all off.

I’m sorry FJ. You’re not being a good role model for young women. Sex positive is not the ticket. Self love positive and I can please my own body better than this nigga can? Is!

I don’t teach no little girls how to be sex positive. I teach them how to be self respect positive with full sex ed! So they know their own bodies! And what they need to be aware of when they engage in sexual relations with other humans!

I need to teach modesty classes to young black women.

How to carry yourself like a lady! And demand these men treat you like one!

Ain’t no sex positive orgie hoes over here!

You gon respect me nigga! And every other human!


You old ass nasty corroded man!! With a wife! You don’t speak to no woman like that on a public social media platform! 😳

Well, I guess if you a hoe? That’s how it goes.

That shit just inspired me to never quit. Fuck that!

I am so conservative with how I use my body. And for what. I know how to touch myself. Hold myself. Please myself. Take care of myself. And everyone else’s kids. Better, sometimes, than they own moms and dads.

I am not sex positive.

I am LOVE positive. sex is overrated in hip hop culture. The idea that sex is more important than how you carry yourself as a woman or man? And how you expect to be treated by other humans, respected for your mind, maybe? For your humanity. And your unique individuality? Is ludicrus. Sittin up here making songs about hoes.

I must be one of the only black non hoes on the planet. It’s lonely.

But casual sex is not satisfying to me. A woman’s body is far too complex for casual sex anyway. You have to be with a human being who loves you enough to learn what your needs are. And takes the time and care to make those needs a priority.

You exchange energies with other human beings having sexual activity. You sleep with all the other energies that person has.

You want fresh and clean. Not dirty and filthy.

Which makes me white.

To black only hoe moment twitter. And I don’t give a fuck. Call me whatever you want.

I don’t care. Ya’ll are nasty!! That shit ain’t hip hop. Infections galore? That’s what you think hip hop is? “Imm really wit the shits”? Going on a “damn” tour?

I ain’t havin it for the next generation of black people.

Generation HIV?

No! This is not some pleasant virus ya’ll. It’s horrible. Really bad. It’s not something you make money off of. Profiting off your own illness and early deaths.

Make money off of living! So you don’t have to try and write some shit about how you want your body back and can’t get it.

Like I said, I got a lot of empathy for folks who get caught up thinking someone loves them but does not.

But goin around trickin with no respect for your own bodies and other humans?

Is not cute! It’s not something to laugh about!! It’s mentally sick!!

No wonder I’m so fucked in the head from this trash. Hip hop is not what it was. It’s just now a whole bunch of HIV positive people pretending to be black activists and revolutionaries.

Ya’ll can’t even take care of your own bodies! How is someone supposed to trust you with any other humans well being?

You even infecting your own children with HIV!!

Sit down with that trash!

Erica’s back!

Lol! 😡


And a side of HIV. That shit is NOT funny. Smh.

Teacher life! Poet life! The original kind!

Least ya’ll niggaz learning who doesn’t love you. Women who give you HIV? Reinfect you? Don’t love you.

Have a good evening. I got kids to protect.

No time for tears FJ. Survival. That is all. Black men do not, by and large, love us.

So, don’t cry.

Black men are afraid of black women who will not spread their legs for anything but love. And cover their bodies. And will not subscribe to patriarchy. And oppression. Ever.

Why cry?

Teflon heart.

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