Like P. Diddy? Fake? That’s your role model?


I don’t think Donald Trump’s a white supremacist at all. I think he’s being a dick head because he’s pissed at how hip hop abandoned him.

Ya’ll old hip hop niggaz can’t be all loved up on that dude. Then diss him when you don’t like what he’s doing.

You such punks? You will be all up in the White House with President Obama. Who, let’s be real, is originally soft rock from the white only mid west. He didn’t even know he was black till he met Michelle. Commending that nigga and his hoes, and not HER! 😒

But Donald Trump who got a whole gold house like Masta P. 😒 and chills with some lil kids with nappy fros. Can’t get no love from ya’ll at all.

Cuz you COWARDS!!

I’m rollin wit YG! He says what the fuck he means based off the real reality he sees. I think niggaz watch 2 much TV.

Ya’ll gonna have to — explain — yalls FAKE shit to me.

Amber Rose better not harm my little homie. He is very sensitive. And he loves you. If you don’t love him? Leave him alone! Your 50,000 dollar promise ring does not prove you love anybody.


I can’t stand you black only twitter hoes. And you hoe moment niggaz. You talk all kinds of shit about men and women. And how trash they are. Then a man expresses that he’s sensitive (bipolar), and you have no comment except some dumb shit about how the water and paper towel dispenser don’t work for you. Only the white girls!

Karma! for running over white people’s feet with your luggage. On purpose. People who have never done shit to you. They can’t help being white people. 🙃🙃 that’s how they were born. They try and get tan and you make fun of that. 😒

And you don’t even say “excuse me”.

The one time I sang

to this mixed couple. I was in Georgetown. I was on my Howard super black power (rudeness) that day. My homegirl was like, you have some nerve! I should call your mother! 😮

I felt so bad, I went back and apologized to them. Like how is a person who’s a product of their type of union gonna make their lives harder for — NO REASON.

No home training!

Ya’ll ignorant !!

Grow the fuck up!


Semi Light!

That’s a question for Issa. Rapist !! Coming anywhere near my kids.

The raaaaaaage!

Issa hoe ??

Who makes TV off twitter. Steals from people’s lives. Infects men with HIV. And collects her checks. In her fuzzy braids.

And newfound timbs.

I don’t love that hoe. I can’t stand that bougie bitch !!

Talib Kweli can call Ben Shapiro a racist over one mistaken tweet.

But Talib Kweli spreads HIV with *the wire headed heathen* whore, Jessica Moore, for 20 years yo.

Actions. Guilty face. Give you what? The dopest pussy. Nah nigga. Never. Rapist !!

Globally. And calls everyone else a Nazi. Including Ben Shapiro. Who’s Jewish. And unashamed of it.


Talib Kweli is a nasty nigga. He fuck everybody. Reads my blog. And now is doing a tribute to Tupac. Who was infected by the prison culture hoe below.

“real niggas do die” you know. It’s “art”!! Writing about real niggas who die. Cuz you infected them with HIV. And now they think their lives don’t matter anymore. How, “Dreamy”.

Tupac never spread HIV to anybody.

Bow down hoe moment Talib Kweli.

The dumb ass pigeon brained nigga.

Non scholar. Who cheats, all the time, on his wife. But says he respects women.


Doesn’t know when to leave a hoe alone. And stop fuckin her:

Like all of hip hop and reggae does. Rapist !!

Know, to leave hoes alone.


I hope that you do. Win. At whatever. So that you can never pretend you are me again.

Rapist !!

You a fat, sloppy, HIV spreading big wide flat stinky booty hoe. Who has fucked your way all through hip hop and globally, for 25 years. Every time I think of your legs spread. I really, gag. So many dicks have been in you.

Don’t you feel — filthy?? At all??

Super cleansing of my chakras. Total celibacy. It’s so — easy. For evolved human beings. Gotta get ready. For that one-on-one.

Extra Luv.

Cleansing hoes out my aural energy. 💩💩

They could not infect me. A nobody mixed black woman from the hood. With that super good… 😁

All I ever wanted to “win”, was a loyal, faithful, monogamous man. Who knows my worth. And loves me. Immensely. The way I love him. To build with him. Off my own creativity.

And give back to kids in need.

I never wanted to be a side hoe. Never been one. Never treated a man like a side hoe. Wouldn’t harm a good man that way.

And I never will settle for that lifestyle.

All you. “Dreamy”. You can never erase your actions. “Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Hoes don’t act right.”

My girl and cuz have such good dads, for their children! And such good husbands for themselves!

Totally, monogamous!

They owe nothing to any woman.

They’ve never harmed any women or men.

Imagine a love like that!


Lol! fuck outta here. to both of you. You’re not as smart as you think Feminista Jones. Rapist!! (did you fuck Ahi, or his daddy? Or both at the same time?)

You are extremely manipulative. It’s a biproduct of sociopathy. I’ve been reading all about it. It’s one of your diagnosed mental illnesses.

liberal behavior is pansexuality. fuckin everybody. You don’t feel unless you getting fucked. And conservatives do swear and will call you a liberal hoe, for fuckin everybody. No self respect or respect for other people’s lives.

At all. Ya’ll will build a whole black only HIV spreading platform off another person’s life. Torture her so she has to write out the truth. To prevent men from sliding up in a big bootied makeup plastered face hoes. DM’s.

Black women, pretending they are you. When you don’t do black only. And don’t have HIV.

Control your bodies. — e.m.m.

I’m out. Kids to teach. Have a good day!

“Control your bodies.” — 3rd and 4th grade.

Woman who is terrified of commitment. I get that. If a man will tell you once he’s married, he will treat you differently. Like, cheat on you. That’s scary. Especially if you’ve been hurt before. And to be with that man for — decades.

Risking when you love that hard makes you think twice about ever loving another man again.

Old black men can be so patriarchal and abusive. 35 and up. Pieces of shit.

I would have that conversation again.

Why — would you treat me differently? Marriage is a confirmation of the love we already have ?

You never forget the full names of men you’ve loved. I know their entire names.

Spelled out.

I was madly in love. Loyal and faithful.

First, second, (third), last names.

Love doesn’t ever let you forget the people you’ve loved. Even when your life doesn’t matter to them.

Hoeing lets you forget. 2 many one night stands to keep track of. I guess.

🙃🙃 HIV spreader. Rapist !!

I don’t stand with this hoe.

Boycott Kaepernick. And his DL dick. And his money off black and brown death.

You're with Kaepernick. And he’s with “chocolate Hershey’s Kisses”. I know how hard that shit is. I remember loving a man that was just using me, for my resources, that much. It takes a lot to break out of that harem hoe trash. And let a man know, you ain’t no side pigeon brained hoe.

Stand up for yourself.

🙃🙃 HIV spreader. Rapist !!

Ya’ll have such weird race based issues. This is strange to me. Who spends their time screaming at white people. Saying “Jesus”.

Who has time for that?

But spreading hiv like the hoe, Ava. She got time to fuck other people’s husbands. She needs Jesus really. And not “black Jesus”. The other hoe. Ahi.

Ya’ll just nasty with your shit. No values.

“Art” is more important.

(Ya’ll men need to learn to respect your women yo. Any hoe that knows you’re married and fucks you? Nah. She a side hoe. And you just a hoe. Lot of you catch that shit cuz you see a big butt, a pretty pout, flyy hair, a well spoken voice, you think success is Hollywood glamour and statues, and you lose all control. Of your minds. Lots of these women are all stolen ideas off other people’s lives.

The chics you don’t see.

Control your bodies.)

No time for ya’ll jobless hoes today. My kids need me. Especially “stab-a-kid”. First day and I’m breakin out early cuz ya’ll sociopaths love fuckin wit my head.

You obviously don’t care about black and brown children. Or want me to be like ya’ll. Or somethin.

Gotta keep fightin back against you hoes. Mind over twitter people.

A Dream Hampton creation. Cuz of hip hop’s cowardice in addressing her and Amiri Baraka’s abusiveness, a long ass time ago. And who cares. It’s the black arts movement. That never evolved. Men, in it still patriarchal pieces of shit. Hoes still hoeing for those men. And calling it fuckin equality. 🙃🙃

Have a great day ya’ll. Don’t forget to do good. No hoes allowed.

And don’t get me any fuckin statues. Unwanted. And insulting. Don’t link me to the DL hoe, Colin Kaepernick, in any way, shape, or form. We have totally different lifestyles. He’s paid off of black and brown murder. And fucks a lot. And a lot of different people.

While spreading that HIV. From DL hoeing.

I have a job working on behalf of those kids who get abused and murdered. And am celibate. And cis. I don’t hoe, at all. Respect for self. My body only gets touched, intimately, in love.

“Control your body” — 3rd and 4th grade teachers. Can’t believe you gotta tell grown adults the same shit. Bonobos yo. And super capitalists who rant and rave about capitalism.

But, give your money to women. We’re hoes. Don’t you see our titties, asses, and makeup plastered faces in the profile pics. “We got flyy hair”. Superficial craziness.


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