Nah. 😷😷 but I don’t need to show my beautiful feet. Ya’ll already know.

And nah.

Go Wende! In Los Angeles! (Who designs all her own clothing. I wanted to be her when I was a kid. With her handsome husband and 3 beautiful sons. Wende that ish. Highly educated. And she happens to be, jewish. Lol! 😍)

She is — from Detroit! Not Dearborn!!

Airea D. Matthews!

Detroit looks like a married, highly educated poet, with multiple degrees and 4 beautiful children. Who jogs every morning. And has never been a hip hop hoe in the existence of her existence. And, who can write — circles — around a sociopath. With her all original poetry. Based off — her — life. Only. No one else’s. She does not need to get her body back. She owns it. I’m pretty sure she always has.

You look terrible. 😮

😷😷 If someone touched your face? It would come off.

You have no education. No job. You are a prostitute and stolen art artist for a living. Sitting up here talkin bout generational poverty. Um, duh!! You’re a woman who never bothered to go to school! Of course you are poor. Plenty of black women are successful well rounded women, living quite comfortable lifestyles. Highly educated. With jobs! hoe!! All you talk about is the way you look and the evils of white people and capitalism while putting your hands in other people’s pockets, using your pussy to access resources, and acting like a straight heathen.

Get a grip! You are part of the devil!! A little HIV spreading hoe. Your parents didn’t come to this country for you to behave like this. They came here so you could make something of yourself. And your choice was to become a prostitute wit their sacrifices. You coulda stayed in Jamaica for that shit. None of your fucked up life is the fault of white people. All you. Blame yourself! Wipe that — crap — off your face. Go to school. And stop fuckin with other people’s shit. Ya lil HIV spreading sociopathic bitch.


Ya’ll must think I really give a fuck about Amazon coming to Boston. I don’t. Boston is a healthy vibrant city. Detroit needs Amazon.

And Jessica Moore needs to dig graves. It fits well for her primary profession of HIV infections. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have died. Because of her 25 year hoe moment poly orgie runs. In Asia. Europe. Africa. South America. North America. Everywhere. It has been? Her primary — goal how to write poetry to cover up for her crimes against humanity — how to spread — fire — around the globe

That has not a thing to do with Amazon. or, the people of Detroit. An Amazon pitch is just not enough to prevent this hoe from getting a job. Jessica Moore has never had a job. Except dick sucking. And stolen art.

Have a good evening.

You are straight looney tunes crazy like these hip hop hoes!! Your daughter must be so fuckin tired of your dumb ass. You are the most disrespectful to women bitch ass hip hop nigga. In the entire history of the culture. I’m so ashamed. That niggaz gave your ass the time of day.

Just — shut the fuck up. You talk too much. About — nothing. No education. And you ride obama’s dick like you sucked that shit.

I am so sick of you. How you treat the American people including your daughter. You need your ass whooped. Just, run ya mouth. Lying. You met the whore? Jessica hoe moment Moore? Lol

Thank you for not asking me for one red penny baby. Since you built your business off me. And stay emotionally supporting me. I appreciate it.

Where’s me — and my students — money Cardi B? I would not touch your pussy for 7 trillion. Not the least of which is because I’m not a lesbian, or a poly pan chic. 😒

I’m dope on the freestyle punk. But, you will never hear me speak. So. Oh well. Lol!

I made homemade saag paneer and aloo matar tonight. With homemade chutney and tomato salad and red onion salad with…

And now my housemate like, I smell that. You…

Me: What happened to the Jamaican hoe?

Him: she doesn’t cook as well as you think.

Me: lol! Here’s your plate.

Him: sending some to YG?

Me: he gon get me. If he plays his cards right.

Him: I don’t qualify. Good thing we’re just friends. Or I would be BULLSHIT!

Me: I love him.

Him: I know. I can’t wait till you’re gone so you stop punching holes in the walls. And, writing names next to them. If you want installation art? Go to the:


I feel so bad for women hooked on ahi’s little dick. I get it. Perfectly. He — listens — to women. Instead of thinking he knows what he’s doing. But like I said. The best sex I ever had was hardly him.

Then again. I loved those men. We were in monogamous relationships. We cared for each other immensely.

And there was — zero — infidelity. Which allows a woman to feel secure and able to…

So. You know. All it needed was a piece of paper. That said — we are married till death do us part?

I woulda been full blown hoe!


My husband tho.

(Ahi is in tears. Like, damn! 😡 She didn’t let me…were you my husband? Okay then.)




Leave. Let the DR deal with you. Machetes galore.

Leave. Let Jamaica deal with you. Machetes galore.

If you hate diversity. And America. Get the fuck out of this country. Being black, has nothing to do with hatred. For anybody.

You are both — prostitutes — who have intentionally spread HIV. As much as you could. Consistently. I want you the fuck out the United States of America. You ain’t black. You white supremacists.



I will never be moved from HIV positive people who have formed subcultures to contain it. And who are freely and openly allowed to live in this world. Like any other human beings. They are excellent EVOLVED homo sapien sapiens. Who have nothing to do with no trash ass hip hop super capitalist hoes.

I will never be moved.

I want Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl (all of them).

Executed. For their crimes against humanity.

Lethal injection. In America. ISIS. In London.

And I don’t say it lightly. But the pain they have caused to thousands and thousands of black people. And the torture they have committed. And the people abandoned. Dying in pain. Alone. And hidden. The generations affected. The people who built this country for free.


I cannot forgive them.

And anybody who decides to link with them. White or Black. Can go with them. I care not.

Watch what games you play. People’s lives are not a hip hop game for your hoe moment profits.

Hoes on twitter.


I love Joyce Carol Oates. *black girl white girl* was the first book I read that she wrote.

But *black water* stuck in my head. About a Kennedy. Who did not want to get caught in his sin. And went on to become a US congressman.

After letting a woman. Drown.

In 4 feet. Of water.

He did not even try and help to save her.

I will never forget that book. Eve-r.

What you should — actually — do?

I’d come correct on your mixed black hoe moment HIV spreading bougie Harvard lifestyle. Cuz the black people I’m rockin wit?

Don’t do that. Wikipedia Brown. Which is what you used to earn your Harvard degree. No encyclopedias — books — in the vicinity. No library.

And you would have failed freshman English. In my class. For plagiarism. Fast.

Anyway. This brings me so much. Peace. Thank you. For writing it. Mo.

You know what? Amazon? Relocate to Detroit. No job for the worldwide HIV spreader. She can dig graves for a living. I did it once. When I was so sick from abuse. I could just get up and dig, no thinking. No talking.

No run ya mouth.

With “convicts”. It was really peaceful. Physical labor. I did not have to think. About the abuse that was done to my person.

it didn’t suit my lifestyle tho.

I deserved — more.

It becomes hers.

Jessica hoe moment Moore. *grave digger*

Kinda like this.

Is that a black earth globe? No — blue — water? With you — presiding.

(When I tell ya’ll 💦. Not 🔥 🔥. Listen. The first time.)

Bipolar people are very intelligent. And creative. With excellent 3rd eye vision. All poets? Stay away from this hoe!!

Sorry hoe. As long as aaaaaaahi remains his position? No more HIV spreading? He’s a — 7. 7 a’s. 6's are for devil hoes. So are 5's. And !!’s.

We number ones and only’s. Revolutionaries. We are ending the spread of HIV. No cure. No spreading.

BLACK people don’t commit genocide against humanity. Ya didn’t know?



When you have every last tooth you were born with tho. Oh.

Why my dentist like, you have such beautiful teeth! You should really quit smoking.

Like that!


Loud! And clear! Poor Dj whoever. She fucked you 2. Men can be so stupid. Sultry voice. Big booty. Flyy hair. Clothes. Makeup?

Ya done. Lmmfao!

You are a hoe, along with your girl Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl, on sociopathic twitter.

Who needs to go to the Siberian desert. And fuck some wolves. In Chernobyl. Where you belong. I have no clue why niggaz see a big butt, a pretty mixed black face, and a rotten tooth dick suckin smile?

(And Jessica Moore has some nasty rotting missing teeth in her mouth ya’ll. A good sign of good health? Nigga, you got ALL YOUR TEETH? Or, what? Lol!)

But I am mixed black, a little ass, a pretty mixed black girl face, and I have — never sucked a dick for anything but love between two humans in a monogamous relationship. Sorry those niggaz were hoes. I been washed my mouth and vagina out — with bleach. Really. I was so — disgusted once I realized how those niggaz slanged they little (tiny) penis’ behind my back. (If you a nigga with a dick that’s more than 4 inches? Listen! To cis gendered women. You trip off yo dicks. And little dick niggaz got you locked. Primarily? Cuz you do not listen to women. Thinkin you got it like that. You don’t. 😒) I started douching with — bleach. 1 teaspoon to ever quart. Might have worked. I gave not two fucks about what my ob/gyn said. She didn’t have sex with those hoes. So, she don’t know. Lol!)

Anyway. Everything checks out at my ob/gyn.

Nothing. Nothing at at all.


Planet? Son! Wtf! Be a man! Like a — REAL BIOLOGICAL — woman, sun. 😒

I tilted that shit on purpose.

It is a poetic metaphor. it means? Basically, no hoe!! You are not oppressing me!



(Probably in some mixed black battle against oppression. In his rich white neighborhood. Great. All these niggaz gotta be my “children”? WHY? Why couldn’t ya’ll niggaz figure out how to get rid of 2 hoes from the culture? 25 years ago? Are you fuckin kidding me? No pussy better than mine! You know why? No one hits it! Pristine condition!


Yes. Let’s. Let’s talk about all the BLACK ON BOTH SIDES women who work slave labor jobs, and have never — hoed — for a single thing that they’ve gotten. Off their — OWN — slave labor. In — Detroit!

Because the more Jessikkka, the mixed black hoe!!, speaks on black women who are not hoes. And are WOMEN WHO WORK!

The more enraged I am getting — with this lying, cheating, stealing, sociopathic, HIV spreading, piece of stank trash — WHORE!!


My nana? Has rolled over in her grave bout 777 times. Off this — bullshit!!

Black on both sides. Who did not discriminate against anybody. And made it very clear I was to be proud of all of who I am. As a mixed black woman. And that I did not need to stick up for her.

She was perfectly capable of speaking for herself. (Racist ass white neighbors!!)

(But, anyway. 😒 On Halloween? [they had moved to the suburbs. My grandparents. Rockland. Because they wanted a better education for their children. Where my dad — integrated his high school. As the one and only negro. It was tight. After my grandparents? The Bailes’ came. My uncle Harold’s family next door. With their 7,000 mixed black foster children. My aunt Tilly. Dookie’s family across the street. Anyway…long story.] I lit fire to the dogshit I was supposed to throw in the compost. On their front porch. My cousin was like…you are crazy! And I was like…THEY ARE CRAZY!! And just moved into the neighborhood! They are going to RESPECT NANA! Who, secretly? Probably knew it was me. 😏)


I’ve always wondered why madonna didn’t adopt a black child from Detroit. Instead of going to Africa. Maybe she can take custody of Jessikkka’s son. Because that child? Is an abused and neglected little boy. Who is not allowed to see his father. She abandoned him after giving him HIV. And is too afraid to confront what she did.

Jessica Moore. Is a crazy bitch. Great booty. Great seductress voice.

And that’s about as far as her talents stretch. She is, Ted Bundy. Legendary.

I have never had an orgie. My ex could not believe it. You’ve never been with two men at one time?

Of course! In an erotic — award winning — chain of stories

In reality? Hell no!

Some things are…

This actually? Should be 5 hearts.

For her five abused and abandoned ex husbands.

Anybody who marries this hoe for the 6th time?


And we all know what that is.


I don’t know you. And since chances are you will never see me at any Hollywood party, or on any kind of carpet, because that isn’t my lifestyle. Probably not. Good luck raising an awesome son. The next generation of kids in hip hop who — respect — women!

If you’d like to chill with some regular ass black people? Like — regular niggaz? Sure. You can contact YG. I don’t speak to rich and famous people in hip hop culture/Hollywood. They just too bougie. And think they’re better than everybody. And are more worthy. And I’m a regular nigga from the hood.

I really want to meet some regular niggaz in ATL though. Maybe you could see me around them. Those are my kind of people. I like black people like them? The best.

(Isn’t this nigga married? 😮 lol!)

You can be mad as well. I’m your peer. I’m not sure you know how to handle a woman you can’t buy. Start, with respect.

Hurry up Jessikkka. Jump in the DM’s!! Pretend you can swim!!

Or is it Luke?? Eminem?? Colin?? Shaun?? Denzel?? Idris?? Jay Z?? Dream?? Madonna?? …


Nobody’s leaving anything off for good.

You’re going to respect me, little boy. Be mad if you want. Do I seem like I care?

I’m no hip hop hoe. Wrong woman.