Holla! More of my babies! And they know about all you hoes. So, no!

What was that about black people in Boston? Bougie ass never been to the hood. Too afraid to come to the hood. Black Twitter. Ya’ll don’t live in the hood. Most of ya’ll weren’t raised in the hood. And if you were, all you dreamt about was moving to be around some white peoples who — SURPRISE! — don’t like you.

Guess that makes me white. Cuz I only like 5% of you.


I walk down the street. I get love. You walk down the street. Niggaz callin you a hoe!! Cuz that’s what you are. Hoes!!

Yup. Spatial. Space. You in your prison culture. And me and all my people are freeeeeee!

Free black people! B’s!


Their mothers love me as well. Cuz I keep them from throwing an all out — tantrum, Feminista Hoe — over a stupid fuckin donut. Nothing in the bag. 30 seconds. Tantrum over! I got skills ☀️.

Imma have me one of those black babies wit YG! Blue!

I’m god! 😒

I am loved by REAL BLACK PEOPLE! they can’t get enough of me! I mean all the time! All over me and — my — shit! Give me back my stapler. Lol!

I’m busy dancing. And counting my delivery money. Every dollar adds up. I’m moving to the west coast. So I can be around some more — diverse — people. I can’t stand chillin wit black people only. Ya’ll be on some bullshit. He said/She said. Dumbness. And a lot of you are super untalented. And uncreative. You’re less evolved. Face it. Your genetics suck. Go back to Africa. And don’t touch my CCR5 positive babies. They more evolved than you are. BLACK!

“I just wanna party” and

“Can you help me? I don’t know what to write Ms. M.”

“You just gonna sit there and twist your fingers? 😒”


Nobody’s throwing a tantrum. And I’m not sharing shit. You built all of black twitter off of me. And then threatened my life with

black lives matter.

Conveniently forgetting — i’m black.

“Blacker than youuuuuuu”.

Jealous. Cuz I’m mixed. And naturally prettier than you hoes. No makeup at all. And in shape. Cuz I don’t stuff my face with meat.

Donate. With your fake charity money. To line your pockets. To feed yourselves. “Black” people. Tweets are not enough. People can’t eat tweets.

You share. I share all the time. My entire life. My money. You want me to share everything, including my man. And every man I’ve ever loved. Cuz despite the fact that I’m “trash”. You can’t get enough of this “trash”. As long as I don’t live. So you can steal some more.

Sociopathic whores!!

Your lives don’t matter. At all.

Their’s do:

Donate to Hurricane Harvey victims.

NOW! Fuckin donodo nasty gals.

Hip. Hop. hoes!! That. is. all.

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