nope. i’m doing this…i don’t know what ya’ll are doing lol talking shit about the “white” man, ALL men? while throwing mixed chics (who recognize their privileges, and still are subject to the same abuse), under the bus. h***, destroys everyone…i’m a mixed blk poet. i know my name well. i used to write it, over and over again — so i’d never forget. and my blackness is a part of me. it’s not disappearing. it never has. i’ve always been hyperconscious of it because i was raised to think of myself as biracial. that’s just what it is, for me. i respect that your are not. cities are probably accountable. i’ve thought about this. racial demographics, and how there might be a lot more pressure, in detroit? to identify as black only. because detroit is a predominately black city ( lol), boston isn’t. it’s predominately white (pressure to identify as mixed, cuz there’s no way you don’t know you are not black, in boston. lol) atlanta’s more mixed than both tho. you can be a “weirdo”. doesn’t mean we can’t all work together. i was shocked to learn that newark even had white people (lol jks jks) i knew they had a lot of boriquas and dominicans though lol :) peace and love. ❤

is he mixed? lol

idk. he sure is “other”

happiness, is to me? ALL people. living in peace, and equality, with all the resources they need to be, well…

this is what happens? when people aren’t allowed to embrace all of who they are. it’s a form of oppression to deny someone the right to define themselves. i’m not upset with black on both sides wo/men who identify as black only, or white on both sides wo/men who identify as white only. i think that’s a beautiful thing. you have defined yourself.

let everyone else.

and, that’s not me, btw lol! i love my brown skin and nappy hair. i’m just not denying my mom. and i will never be sorry for that. a white woman carried me for 9 months, pushed me out of her body, i would not EXIST without her (cuz we all know a sperm donation is a 5 minute process — dave chapelle lol!) so, oh well!!! lol

trauma: when you get lost in the shopping mall. and security finds you. you’re 8 or 9. they take you back to the office so you can look for your mom on the monitors. you see her. “there she is!” and they refuse to believe you. or to let you go. they watch HER getting frantic. they don’t give a fuck. it’s not until she comes to security and cusses they asses out? that they apologize.

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