not a big fan of dresses

they’re not practical for a woman who uses all parts of her body, and does not spread her legs for easy access — quickly. they okay. but i like to be covered. modesty, is very important to me.

i like jeans. you try and rape me — of anything? you gonna have a tougher time. first, you will get maimed with my steel toe boots. then, you gotta try and take my pants off. most likely, you’ll give up.

cuz i wear the pants.

(every man i’ve loved? i’ve helped him. i’ve never looked to a man to save me from anything. and i’ve never abandoned anyone i love. ever. because, “i am a woman, phenominally. phenominal woman. that’s me.”

i owe no man, anything. i don’t break hearts. i don’t get married over and over again. i don’t abuse men. and i don’t accumulate them either. i’ll let you know, straight out. this is business only. one marriage and one man is totally all i need. :)

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