now, i am going to watch this. cuz this is a GOOD (not god, good, two “o”’s) man. and…read adjoa…it’s columbus day! happy birthday to my brother and my ex! i forgot! i just talked to my man in la republica dominicana — he’s back safely :) — and he’s like “que es esto?” must be an american thing? lol then, i’m going to read excerpts from the color purple, by the BLACK alice walker, and remember that her daughter is *black, white and jewish* (i got that too)…

“i don’t fuck with politics…” i just started following it. i am a total





and voter.

(my dad taught me that. lol)

i like radical lawmakers the best. they stop police violence against black and brown people, and support those who have been sexually abused to the full extent of the law.

she’s another one of my homie’s from high school. mixed black. her mama’s a southern black woman, and her daddy’s white brazilian.

i have a JOB! outside of this one. i need to be there at 4 o’clock on 2 hours of sleep. this is a COLLECTIVE EFFORT! which is why if i ever have a business? i’m giving 75% back to the people who do GOOD things for humanity. ya’ll can do whatever you want.


Make America great again?! Exactly. Cuz I was doing just fine! Before all this nonsense!!! So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Legally! I can write what I want. It’s my right! And I will defend myself with my fists and boots. I can read what I want. I can listen to the music I want. And, I can smoke marijuana too. YOU like to threaten people who you do not like (now lol) because you know you are not grabbing my pussy or just kissing me.

So pay your taxes, worry bout those rape charges, and get to building affordable housing. Since “money doesn’t matter…” I listened to YOUR motivational speeches dude. “Never, never, never give up”…

So here’s one for you “let my people go…” it’s an old slave spiritual, for Ivanka, and everyone else in America. Lol!!!

I was very courteous to you. I was empathetic. Terrified of you. And then, like bump this! You are not using my marginalized words while manic and suffering my own abuse — to create havoc on earth! It’s abusive!!

You’ll get over it dude. I already told you that your mission is to redeem yourself and become a GREAT MAN! You’re a super ironhead. much worse than the “thugs”. lol

jessica, the single one? she can help me if she wants.

(Senator Ryan, um, you know waaaay more about some of the stuff you’re tweeting? Than I do. You might wanna see what all those diverse people on Twitter think to get some idea of where to go with those ideas. I’m interested in the whole healthcare thing? I am PISSED that even staunch conservatives cannot afford to stop working at 80, because they refuse to just dump their wives, with alzheimer’s, in nursing homes. The legalization/de criminalization of marijuana as well as ALL people being able to equally participate in that industry! You can talk to dream hampton about that. And something to be done about the prison industrial complex. Please see asha bandele. If you’re looking for ideas on community policing, balancing business with people? See Mayor Ras Baraka. And if you want to find out about urban education? Deray McKesson and Sung Joon Pai are good suggestions. If you want to get super conservative? Like healthy eating, sustainable organic farming? Taj Anwar. And if you’re interested in mental healthcare suggestions, fighting depression, and fatherhood initiatives? Supreme Understanding. Have a good day! Give Elizabeth a pound for me! ✌🏾️)

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