“The title queen means shit. I don’t feel like a king” — name that creator.

If you don’t feel like a king? It’s because you’re a #1. An emperor. Who has never infected anybody with HIV.

Rough road to have 3 women with HIV, one who infected you — cheating on you, 2 who have tried to harm you further.

Rough road to have 3 men that you've loved with all your heart and soul. Who did not know your worth.

4th times the charm.

And that’s me. How I have always been. Private writing, for free. It’s a love thing.

Thank you to all those who walk the path of righteousness. Know, in their souls — based on their actions — that they are worthy of #1 status.

And will never settle for 2nd best.

Ya’ll? Rock!

Find your #1's with clean souls. Have you, or have you not, intentionally infected someone with HIV?

That’s the difference. Really.

(When you catch a nigga in time, to save his soul. Thank you — so much — SZA. 😍Empress.)

And this: heeeeeeey now!

On that 5 mile today. Should be an excellent workout. Just thinking of no healthcare for the next 3.5 years of folks in congress not being able to figure it out got me like, manage your own health.

I’m lucky to live in a state that provides universal healthcare for those in need. But even if I didn’t? Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a part of self love and self care.

I feel hella better after a workout, today? 2 hard boiled organic eggs. 2 slices of sisel rye with aguacate. And… daily love. daily. 😍 And I enjoy the sometimes soreness of it. Which happens when I push myself just a tad more than before. Your muscles get microscopic tears in them. Very normal when they are being elongated.

Still a little tired. Not much sleep these days. But I’m getting there. Not much is worth losing sleep over. Sleep is so essential to proper brain functioning. Must be a ton of useless work to have to keep up with your various social media. And the bad karma you put out there. So people call you all kinds of names and harass you and shit. Never has anyone directly addressed me with any specific nastiness. What would they say?

Stop writing the truth about how we do?

I have a really clean conscience and soul. I have no reason to attempt to explain away my actions cuz I have always walked a righteous path. I plan on continuing that lifestyle. Till the creator calls me home.

A clean soul. Nothing to look back on and say, damn. I’m a monster.


I’m so happy that so many hip hop artists are doing so well. The more they use their platforms to address what concerns them. The more I feel like the ol school is coming back again. It’s refreshing. And makes me feel like I’m a part of the culture I have always been a part of. Again. I have some new shit I just purchased.

But I’m listening to these both. I love em. Applicable to my life. Heavy.

And this. This is true.

Have a good morning folks!

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