One of my best (5 friends) on the planet. You want to talk about a “nigga” who will hold you down?!

Front me the cash for Cuba. Done. Front me the cash for my brand new ride — straight off the lot. Done.

Paid back. No interest necessary. He’s all about cash money.

Don’t say SHIT to me about “the white man”.

He will dig graves and shovel SHIT, to support his mom (who has Alzheimer’s, and his sisters — no brothers).

But actually? He is a SUPER SKILLED high end rob from the rich to give to the poor — contractor — like carpenter. Not a hit on your head. he don’t own a gun.

he’s a self made man. Lol

He IS my homie for life. One of my best friends. and i think i’ve taught him a few things. it’s been a recipricol live free or die, exchange.


And NO YOU IDIOTS! We don’t FUCK! Ew. We don’t like each other like that! Lmao! We homies!!!

Men and Women can be friends? For bigger causes.

Like, humanity.

he kinda reminds me of the dude, *crazy eyes* from onyx? but he’s all outkast, public enemy, bad brains, and the clash. he loves the clash. his favorite song? *know your rights*.

mine? since way before we linked?

i never got into nirvana. i don’t know why. age. probably.

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