One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my dad? Was how not to invite “hate” into my life.

“Do not use that word Erica.”

“Why not dad?”

“Because your focus, in all that you do, should be love. And hate is the opposite of love.”

My dad is mean! Lol! And has no hate in his heart, for anyone. You can always get my dad to have an open mind about everything. He sees no borders to love.

None, at all. It’s shocking. I’d like to be more like him. I think my best friend from childhood absorbed his lessons better than I did.

Which is why when her son was murdered, and his white best friend lied to her about what had happened?

I said,

“Don’t you want to kill him?”

And she said

“I want to hug him. He does not belong in prison. It was a mistake in judgement.”

And all his family was at the funeral. And his dad called her. In agony.

“I’m so sorry my son was involved in this.”

And paid all her expenses for 6 months while she got back on her feet. She will never fully recuperate. They grew up together. She gave birth to him, at 15. Raised him all by herself. While his dad did 20 years, for crack, in prison.

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