luckily for me? i don’t want to be famous. have 5 followers, and no sex tape. i never made one. my boyfriend in high school tried that shit and i straight out told his ass, if you ever ask me to do some shit like that again? it’s over with (no disrespect. and i’m sure kim and kanyé will figure it out. they’ve got a beautiful family.) who knows what’s gonna happen? i’m not making promises. TRYING to pursue my vision doesn’t mean YES it will happen. lots of things have to come together for that.


but i will tell you what won’t happen. i won’t be spreading my legs for a damn thing. no one’s gonna “just kiss” me. that’s very





disrespectful of women.

and i’m a woman who works — off my own merits. so a handshake or a pound lol will do just fine.

now i’m gonna eat my free pizza — because this is the best in my city — and go to bed.

(what a constant confidence shaker this chic is. and now i know why SHE can’t keep a man. i, on the other hand, have loyal male friends. you want to know why? cuz i don’t spread my legs for them. they are genuinely my friends. in real life. not online. not to make money. i don’t sleep with people’s boyfriends/husbands. i will go through heartbreak and pain when a man’s face lights up like “what is she wife number two?” or he just leaves me for the next one.

i’m not that chic trying to BE wife #3. that’s you. and that’s done. my male friends think i’m cool. all 3 of them. and, anytime i’ve needed help? they’ve been like, “of course!” we help each other. one’s married (i’ve known him since i was 14), one’s the assistant director of a large disability organization (i’ve known him since i was 12), and one’s a carpenter (i’ve known him since i was 20. and, he’s white.) they know i’m a little “CRAZY” but they know, also, that i have a really good heart. i don’t try to damage people. and if i do something wrong, unlike you, i say “i’m sorry”. publically, if need be. so *shrugs*. i ain’t worried about shit. you the one who needs to worry…because powerful people don’t like you. they don’t like that you’ve been fuckin with my head. stealing pieces of my life to make your’s a success. and you might want to change your name back to what it really is. cuz you don’t care about anyone, but yourself. i would say you care about your kid? and maybe you do?

for a photo op.

but not that much — you won’t even let him see his father. and we know he has an active one. we know you dumped his ass/cheated on him. and we know he pays child support — and when you think you need him? you call him. so, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOUR SON HASN’T SEEN HIS FATHER IN YEARS?! what kind of MOMMY would do that?)

“can you call his dad?”

“tell his mom”

i’m like, “i’m not the teacher in the middle. ya’ll trippin!” (just like that). i’m NOT a social worker. i have no training in that department, at all. this is what i do, i call BOTH parents and say “we ALL 3 need to meet. with your kid. same time. same place.”

you want to know how good i am? i even got two parents back together again! lmao *shrugs* (that was a fluke. it doesn’t usually happen like that. but at least everyone’s on the same page…so that little homie/homegirl gets all pissed like “ms. m! why’d you do that!! now i can’t do anything!!!” lmao!!! hahahahaha!)

(please let that beautiful little boy see his father! why are you doing that to them?! that’s so selfish!!)

look at little frida givin the gas face! lol ya’ll better listen to her. lmao!! (she’s so cute!!! ❤) she’ll be getting EVERYTHING straightened out in that house. lol!!!

look at this one with his little fat face! in a hoodie! hahahahaha! he’s so cute!!! ❤

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