people are so dumb!

black and brown people are not minorities! we’re the majority! and the reason these white dudes are running around crazy is because they think they are about to be annihilated by black people!


how many times do i have to tell the truth?! white people have always been a minority on earth!

white people come from black people!

why is this so scary? it’s factual! those white men need to be educated on where they come from. and they are upset because people think that for some reason, they are not worth as much as black people.

all people are created EQUAL!

do we live in a racist society that discriminates mercilessly against people of color and has oppressed us since the beginning?! OF COURSE! DUH! does something need to be done about it? OF COURSE! DUH! does this mean that they way to deal with that is to deny who you are and subject any people to any form of oppression and brutality? of course not!

fight back against the crazy rhetoric these fearful white people are discussing? and tell the truth!

white people aren’t going anywhere. since the first one showed up? they’ve been here! lmao! they still born on the continent of africa, to black people! human genetics are WAAAY too complex for that!

you were a teacher, jesse? yeah. stick to acting. you’re excellent at being the doctor you aren’t. lmao!

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