Maybe your writing has been seen in my — parents’— house.

You mean — them?


The best women?

Can change a man’s whole life around.

Are you jealous that my mother is white and has done a better job at making black women feel empowered, than you have as a black woman?

Isn’t that your son? Did you name him with my Somali ex in mind?

Marcus Garvey wasn’t very good to women.

He had hoes.

Lots of hoes.

Big sister to lil sister, FJ. As a social worker, mother, woman with an education.

What is so feminist about supporting sex work?

Do you think that that is all black women are worth? Do you think it’s not possible to be an artist or activist or both, without performing sex work?

Do you recognize the levels of abuse that come with sex work. And, the extreme dangers of it?

Do you want black and brown women, dead?

I’m an artist and activist. I’m not a sex worker.

I feel like I’m a pretty good role model for women. No one who knows me has ever complained about my character.

And I have never been harassed by a man online. Unless he was on your black only twitter network. Then, the abuse of black men? Is horrid.

I don’t know why you keep on thinking I’m dying anytime soon. I told you, no one bothers me. No one’s harassing me. No one’s threatening me. No one. But you — black only women — and your black people only followers. That’s it. I don’t get harassed by anyone except those people who followed Dream Hampton.

Dream Hampton is not a good person. She’s extremely jealous and envious of me. Over some dude who needs more mental health treatment than a little bit. Who’s family did not protect him from an extremely abusive dad.

He and Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore have that in common.

Horrible black men for fathers.

I don’t.

I have an excellent dad.

You’re depressing FJ. The only Caesar? Is you. This is a one woman and fifteen “followers” show.


Is that your name? Feminista Jones.

Here, I’m a pretty good writer of the truth. I’ll help you out…

users are also HIV positive, and black only women — especially — the majority of whom are hoes/sex workers/one night standers, use the DM feature to link with unsuspecting men, so they can get paid to fuck them, and infect them with HIV. Because the majority are mad at black men for being patriarchal pieces of shit. And at themselves for having one night stands, and getting infected.

Pretty accurate?

Did you fuck Ahi as well?

Err’body fucked that hoe on a one night stand. But me. I just believed his lies. He’s the best liar. Ever.

Got it from his daddy.

Black only. Loved White Pussy.

Ask Shaun King. Lol!


Yes FJ. *rolled eyes* I know how the crack epidemic began. Ronald Reagan. Lots of deals going on between the Drug Cartels in Central America, and the US.

I really don’t care. The only crack addicts I care about got slipped some shit to get them addicted. If you don’t want to do crack?

Don’t do it!

Simple. Supply and Demand.

And please don’t start that end of capitalism. Before you take that link off your page asking for payment from people who work in capitalist positions.

That link IS capitalism.

Delivering pizza is — capitalism. What should niggaz do. Starve? Do you have some alternate solution besides stealing from more marginalized humans, like myself?

I’ll wait. Sit in? 🙃🙃

Sit in the pool. Not wit him though. He gotta girl anyway. A white girl. Or, a Mexican. Lol! I don’t like that nigga like that. I do like his music though. Lol!

I’m tryna get in the pool wit her! Then the ocean! Baby steps.

She is so adorable! Lol! Look at her little round fat — face!

I like looking at her face. She ain’t got no makeup!! No relaxer!! No weave!! No wig!! No hairpiece!! And no spray tan!! Lol!

she has on clothes! 😜


That is her REAL FACE! She’s beautiful! And I think she got a lil “Chinese” in her.

She has epicanthic folds.


Perhaps to be free is to say “fuck you” if you hate me. I didn’t do shit to ya’ll. But fight your abuse. You were capitalizing off of me. Following a sociopath. Who you still supporting.

YOU are the one with the problem, FJ. A sit in is not gonna help.

Dream Hampton intentionally infects men with HIV. tell that hoe she gotta go.

You have a black son. And that is why these men harass you. Because they think you’re a horrible mom to choose HIV infecting hoes, the same women who would harm your son, over your child.

What makes you think niggaz are dying?

Niggaz are living!

I’m very disappointed in black men for not raising their standards when it comes to women. If the chic is telling you she like fuckin a lot. And all kinds of people?

If you know her track record all through hip hop.

If her role model is the hoe, the black Betty Davis.

If she tells you she’s polyamorous.

If she’s a proud hooker!!


You need to be super careful. I don’t know why you would stick your dick — raw — in a hoe like that.

Everyone has hit it. You’re fuckin every man she’s ever been with.


It’s one thing if you don’t know. That’s legit.

But you fuckin someone on a one night stand? You need to check your levels of self respect. Men and Women.

It’s an entirely different thing to know a woman’s rep. And fuck her anyway.

Ask around. Who has fucked this chic?

If niggaz are like, “don’t mess with the hoe. I tapped it. He’s tapped it. She’s tapped it. It’s tapped it. Trans men have tapped it. Trans women have tapped it. Bitch probably fucks monkey’s my nigga. You should have seen how good she is at riding dick! She got maaaaaaad experience.”

Just say no! I think i’ll read a story. For free. Smoke some erb. Have a drink.

Jerk off! Touch ya own dick! Get familiar with it! Lol!

Say! My body and heart and mind and soul are too precious for me to compromise.

Can’t make a hoe my wife.

Period. Simple shit.

(And no. I’m not telling you who I am. Lol)

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