“Poets Change The World”

-for Virgos, and folks who have spent the majority of their lives, in the hood, on the block, and saluting the “thugs” and the “trannies” — and fuck boys with squeaky talking voices, on a stage, while I’m in the street — banging on diverse car windows. “Show some love! Honk for my kids!!”

I asked my nana for a sign tonight. And why I was put in this position?

There must be some bigger reason? Am I just dreaming about something that can’t happen? Some results from the misery that seems to always follow me. I’m very




But still,

a human being.

Should I take a dive off that bridge? Get into formation? Of perfect streamlined perfection. Or should I choose to live? Independent and free of all of it? Focus and figure it out with no resources

and no help?

I’m an Empath, there’s no getting around that. And I can’t abandon people who are hurting.

You see, I’ve TRIED the me and mines, about 50 thousand times. And it doesn’t work out well for me.

I feel worse,

not better.

And I wonder…

Bout Boundaries. They’re necessary. But I also know I don’t like walls, unless they’re for environmentally efficient homes.

At all.

I like seeing, for miles and miles…

and miles…

all that beauty? That unparalleled serenity. Open land, and migrating animals thrown off course cuz

Humans have forgotten

that we share this earth.

Steel, and watchtowers and loud alarms, and

Automatic rifles.

And angry angry people who won’t do the jobs any of these migrant workers beg for,

The unfair wages with no protections, hunted by deportation agents,

raiding for

undocumented immigrants.

Like Ayn Rand,

or Melania Trump — just,

Without the white skin to protect them

When black and brown folks get to this country,

If they’re very




to escape the vigilantes who think they can shoot

you because

you don’t speak English. You don’t look the same as they do. Making America great again becomes




It means:

You could really support me? Or you’re not fully

a human being.

I’m not worried about drugs coming into the USA. As long as there are a lack of free healthcare facilities for these citizens who

supply and demand them.

And I don’t believe in locking petty dealers up when the real culprits are immune and making hundred of millions, off

American citizens


And I already know that no drug cartels are crossing the border

with a gallon of water,

on foot. In extreme heat and cold…

For hundreds of miles. Ain’t no swimming for two hours across the Meditteranean,

Saving people.

That young woman is the TRUE hero. And she ain’t even black.

Those are life or death journeys, that

No drug cartels gotta worry about.

People save up for eternity, to make it to this country. Thinking we’re some great nation, with streets of gold and equal opportunity,

for everybody.

They must not heard about New Orleans, people drowning cuz they ain’t got access to basic

Survival techniques. In water that’s over your head? Lots of people

panic. When you are drowning? You don’t say anything. You’re more focused on


There’s a superdome filled with the stench of death

and refugees, right

Here in this country. How quickly we forget what isn’t convenient.

desperate to escape roving gangs that will chop you into pieces, funded by our Central American coups stings

On Sandinistas.

Or sharia law that will kill you for expired papers.

The kkk taking over law enforcement agencies.

desperate people trying to find refuge from war and

pain .

In lands they can’t return to, cuz there’s nothing


but rubble

How you gonna make a home

outta dust?

And who’s the cause of this MESS ?

Good old America.

The U.S.A.


it won’t be in my name…

The name my mother gave me, cuz she really believed?

In the American Dream. Laugh if you wanna. I believe in it too. That we are ALL created


So…(phew lol) I get out of my car? And out the corner of my eye? right on the roof? Is this little guy.

I’ve never seen one in my life except on a tv screen

which means?

very little to me. Lol

So little? My flatscreen is boxed in the basement.

I like tangible reality that I can witness

in person…

And I’m so surprised! Like, wow! Hey little guy! You’re a leaf bug!

A symbol of life…


healthy food and clean air and fresh water.

Of people helping each other.

And then I know, I’m not leaving this earth till the universe says it’s my time, or, unless some Social network hater

kills me,

For telling the truth about what they really do.

Never Trump

and Never Hillary.

It’s pretty simple to me.

One wants a wall, to block people from each other. Stirs up xenophobia. Because it gets the best reaction. Not cuz it’s what he believes in, but because he’s sad, he wants the love he didn’t get in his own childhood. A puppet,

That cannot be trusted.

The other wants multinational corporations to run



giving nothing back to the people, so while America becomes great again? There’s another country?

Every global south country..


And I know, in my heart, and soul,

green is the way to go.

Neither trump nor Hillary will lose their wealth. Their children, and grandchildren already

have enough.

But without the two of them,

Maybe the world, and everybody who inhabits it?

will stand a chance of surviving.

Cuz nobody’s leaving!

There’s not enough time for that.

It’s slim,

with nuclear weapons and infectious diseases

and hatred,

and what can I get, and who can I copy

in the name of me and my mountains and mountains of


but if I can feel like dying and still not do it? Neither one of them should have a

death wish.

Don’t they know?

They’re also,

humans? Lol

I want Jill Stein for president.

And that’s how I’ll be voting.

(Disclaimer: my non gas guzzling ride is dirty. Please forgive that. I’m going to wash Black Betty myself. With a bucket. Cuz a hose? Wastes the world’s most precious resource. I’m conservative. Like loam of the earth. The dark black rich soil, on the bottom of the compost. My nana taught me that. What it means? To give back.)

(Lmao! When I’m over here free styling whole poems off top? And he’s in 180 characters for some troll stimulus. Lmao! And it will be, fuck you! Coon! Ho! Bipolar as hell. But not my style. Omg!!! He’s a hot mess! Somebody needs to hug him!!!! I will, but only cuz he’s a student. And I USED to own his music. I trashed old school cd’s and two blackstar 12 inches, in tears. Cuz he ain’t really who you think he be. He appeals to me as a compassionate, empathetic human being? Not in the least. And he should stick with hoes. Or his wife. Who he never promotes. Have ya’ll noticed that shit? And what about those random kids?! Lol)

(hahaha! i’m not on twitter, and you ain’t slick enough to contextualize what you’re saying. so just go to bed, after your 3 hour work day. lol!)

(When this dude thinks you’re talking about nothing, and can’t even build a stud wall — has no clue what to do in the wild. What’s edible, what will kill you. And how to stay away from bears. So they don’t attack you. It’s apocalyptic aiight. Lol)

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