Puerto Ricans? Btw…are very, um, mixed. The majority, anyway (very very quiet is kept…if black and white people in America were to research their family trees? there would be some um, gaps…people that are “missing”) I don’t see anything wrong with being a white boriqua, a black boriqua, and who you really are.

I have no solutions to the crushing debt Puerto Rico has. But, after opting to live in Holyoke while in grad school? Before it was the popular thing to do (both black people and white people thought I was nuts lol), and after seeing the crushing poverty in that city? I knew something had to be done about it. It’s outrageous that folks who came to the United States, as migrant workers? Can’t even get jobs at McDonalds, because Holyoke Public schools are a mess. And kids drop out, unable to pass the standardized tests. (You have to be in school, have a GED, or a high school diploma — to flip burgers. My girl Angie? Started her own babysitting business. She was struggling so so hard just to feed her daughter, with her boyfriend. They were going to get married…but once you do that? No tax breaks. They couldn’t afford it. Still, when she knew I was super depressed? She found a way to bring me rice and beans and washed, dried, and folded my laundry. 💜 ✌🏻 to Angie.)

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