Racist ass Alabama?


Where your relative, Roy Moore, is from?

Is that one of your abusive father’s multiple kids he never took care of? And your dumb ass white mother allowed him to just abandon them? What trash!!



What do you mean, you pigeon brained bitch,

“Despite being”… what?


Is there something wrong with having one white, one black parent?

Who are you to make that decision? A white supremacist?? Cuz that is their stance. The “traditional” white supremacists, with “white” skin.

Yeah. All set with anyone who has anything to say about your “blackness”.

What does being “the blackest woman” even mean. That you know some black history? That you fuck black men? That you wear “Africa” earrings? That you moved from white ass Dearborn to the whitest part of Detroit (you hear — zero — guns poppin off in cork town for New Years. That’s a part of Black Detroit you cannot walk through. A “blacker” Black woman might try and kill you for fuckin her man, who gave her hiv. Thinking he was loyal and faithful. Working 40+ hours a week. With a couple of kids that she provides most of the money and most of the labor for.)

You are a — pathological — liar.

You sound like the most undereducated sociopathic whore on the planet.

And it’s no surprise. You graduated from one of the worst high schools — academically — in the entire country.

You have zero talent. But hoein. And your flyy hair, showing off your fat ass, which is either fake, or you lie heavy about being a vegetarian.

A GMO steroid pumped booty. That’s what it is. There’s no denying your “blackness” is all external.


knows you are a hoe.

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