Are you crazy, Ava? You’re the only person I would give a hug to. Besides FJ. Because I know that you two are not involved, in any of this. And have damaged no men. Not like that.

The heroes in all of this, are black men in hip hop. Who are 30 and under.

They are more grown, more mature, with more integrity, than women old enough to be their mothers.

It’s mind blowing. Really.

I don’t have any clue how ya’ll were raised by your fathers and mothers? But my parents would — kill me — for some craziness like this.

My mother? My white mother? It would not be a request. My ass would be in a mental hospital, in a straight jacket.

As it is? When I first got wind of this shit? It fucked my head up so much?

I voluntarily checked myself in.


I don’t know you. Have never met you. And I don’t ever want to.

We have nothing in common. Nothing.

Check yourself into a psyche ward tomorrow. And take Jessica Moore, with you.

Check yourself into an inpatient psyche ward. Tomorrow. Dream Hampton.

I’n going to tell men again. Men in hip hop.

Stay away from hoes.

Any black mother with a son or daughter? Should be extremely concerned. And enraged. If you don’t feel any emotion surrounding the fact that there are women, who are actively preying on your children?

You are the one with the problem.

The job of a mother? Is to protect her children, from harm.

I’m in complete shock. This is the worst case of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States. A serial killer. And it is women, who are using their bodies as biological weapons.

And they will never — EVER — do so again.

To kill — black men.

I’m stunned.

Smh. Don’t tell me you slept with Frank Ocean as well.

This is craziness ya’ll. How anybody could support this shit? Is unbelievable.

I’m surprised someone didn’t — kill — Dream Hampton.

She is an extremely dangerous human being. I would rather chill with ISIS niggaz, in a cave in Afghanistan, than be anywhere near Dream Hampton.

And they know, what her and her followers have done.


Avan Jogia? Better — RUUUUUUUN! All his money will be stolen to make a stolen film, where some other man will do the majority of the work, he will get infected with HIV. And, dumped.

Really. After he’s all used up and there’s nothing else Dream Hampton can steal from him. And that man will be like,

Holy Shit!! That bitch is Satan!!


Trying to decide which of my ex’s you want Dream Hampton? Ahi, who uses “z’s” instead of “s’”, or the Somali one?

Or you gonna stick with Jogia, for this week?

You don’t have feelings. Dream Hampton. You imitate other people’s. If you had real feelings for any man? You would not be making a fake decision between 3 different men. Both my ex’s are in relationships. You’ll have to speak with their girlfriend and wife about that. *shrug* beyond respect for those women? I don’t care what those niggaz do.

Exactly Dream Hampton/Mad Black Thot. A wife with a purpose.

Love. And out of love? Comes wonderful things. That benefit other human beings. I am not in the least bit insulted, that you used a white woman who’s a wife, to laugh at. I feel badly for you. Because your mother is white. And had no purpose in your father’s life. In fact, she was such a horrible — mom — she allowed you to be abused by your father. Instead of getting rid of that nigga.

That’s not my family. My mom, is my father’s — everything. They are a healthy happy couple, and they are exactly what I want for myself.

The reason you, and so many black women on twitter are opposed to marriage between a man and a woman? Is because you never had any example of what a healthy marriage looks like.

I dare my father to try and oppress my mother. Lol! It’s unimaginable. My mother does exactly what she wants to do. My father can’t — tell — my mother to do anything! Lmao! She does things for him, because she — loves — him.

He does things for her, because he loves her.

Really. LOVE! it’s a wonderful emotion!

Dream Hampton is also well aware of my love for Junior Diaz. Who I have met in person and who will swear lol while giving a talk. His first collection of short stories, ironically entitled


Is a classic collection. Ya’ll should cop that.

(You don’t bother me, at all Dream Hampton. And I will be checking out that interview. Both Junot Diaz and Edwidge Danticat. The Dominican and Haitian American writers, are two of my favorite authors [i have quite a few. Because I read, A LOT! Dream Hampton, does not.] She pretends she does. To be like me. Exactly how Ahi? Told her to be. She’s really a very sick woman. I feel very badly for any man who’s ever fucked with her. And am very relieved that she can no longer infect men in hip hop with HIV. And neither, can Jessica Moore.)

All Dream Hampton does is pathologically lie. She has been on twitter all day long. And has logged in to her Dream Hampton account. She just didn’t tweet from it.

She was busy…

Because Dream Hampton is: mad black thot, prison culture, and common white girl. On twitter.

She is one loopy looney tunes HIV infecting hip hop whore.

And every man in hip hop? Has known this since at least, 1994. When she got her first “job” by sleeping with someone, at *the source*

Jack Dorsey

Oh, I think that the idea to capitalize on the murder of Michael Brown? And to get a photo op of the police drawing guns on Talib and his “social justice activist” crew?

Came from the sociopathic hip hop whore, Jessica “care” Moore. She wanted to promote her new album. And Ferguson was the “perfect” place to do this.

I think it’s absolutely despicable, personally. That anyone would think a murdered child’s body =’s business opportunity. I get very upset when I see people selling shit that makes a profit off people’s deaths. With not even one dime going back to their families.

This is partially why I can’t stand Shaun King or Colin Kaepernick. No matter how much I said not to keep retweeting the video of Philandro Castille’s murder? Both men continued to do so, because it boosts their visibility, and that’s how they make money. One, doing biased murder by police journalism. The other for his know your rights foundation. Where he copies other people’s ideas. (See: water for Somalia. And I’m glad he did it.)

To make it worse? They both then showed the video of Philandro Castille’s girlfriend handcuffed and her traumatized child? With her. They generated money off those videos. And even though Philandro Castille’s girlfriend, Dymond Reynolds, is now financially and emotionally struggling? She has not seen one dime from either of those men, off the exploitation of her and her child. Nor was Valerie Castille respected, at all, when she made it perfectly clear that she was tired of these interracial social justice activists.

And personally? I don’t blame her.

Not one gangsta in hip hop retweeted those videos. Because they have more respect for other people’s families and what they are dealing with, than Talib, Shaun, Colin, Jessica Moore, and Dream Hampton.


Oh, I am not afraid of YG. Or any gangstas in hip hop — at all. I feel perfectly safe around them. Because they don’t treat ladies like hoes. If we say no. They respect that. Because if their mother’s were to find out that they were abusing women who made it crystal clear that we are not going to be treated like hoes? And they did some foul shit? They would get their asses kicked. See: DJ Quik. As soon as I wrote I would call his mother? Talib Kweli was on his own. Lmmfao!

And I will call Talib Kweli’s mother if he doesn’t stop his bad behavior.

Talib Kweli spent about 6 months straight, arguing over whether or not parents should hit their children. This is because Talib Kweli’s behavior was so horrendous as a child? The few whoopings he got? Were not enough to correct his adult behavior. Too much “time out”.

He is a spoiled entitled brat.


It is obvious, that YG’s mama whooped his ass. That’s why, despite the fact that he is not perfect, his behavior is nowhere as bad as Talib Kweli’s.

The irony of this (but not to me, just to white America) is that Talib is the person who in the eyes of white people? Is the good guy. Because he comes from a two parent, extremely formally educated, middle class family, And YG, comes from the hood and poverty.

The exact opposite is true.

YG is the good guy.

Talib is the bad guy.

The first white men to get this? Republicans. Lol! Paul Ryan. And Ben Shapiro. Both of whom, got spankings as children.


Donald Trump? Is super bipolar. And very upset, with hip hop. And I don’t really blame him all that much because even though he is an extremely abusive man, especially to women — like most patriarchs. So are 75% of the niggaz in hip hop. Ya’ll stay grabbing women by the pussy. And women stay allowing you to do this.

If any man touches me inappropriately. I will beat him? Senseless. I only trust men who have daughters? Who will approve of this action. Lol

Some of those men are the same men, who grab women by the pussy. Or slap them on their asses, in videos.

See: YG. I don’t approve of that behavior. And if he tried to slap me on my ass in a video (which I would not be in anyway) I would push him in the deep end of the pool, throw him some floaties. And not help him until he apologized for being disrespectful.



Oh, Talib Kweli is not a sociopath. He is a super patriarch who believes he is entitled to have any woman he wants, and, he is super bipolar. And I don’t like his character, at all. But I engage with him because I have a lot of empathy for him as a bipolar person. I don’t like his entire lifestyle. Not even a little. Or the way he treats women who do not agree with him. And I have zero desire to ever have any interaction with him beyond listening to his music. He would aggravate me very quickly if he were to speak over me, at say, an event to organize for social justice. And, if I saw him performing on stage, at the site of a murdered child’s body. I might jump on the stage and drop kick him in his face. And then proceed to beat the living shit out of him. Because the idea of staging a concert, to promote your album, on the body of a murdered kid, and to purposefully put yourself in a position to have the police draw guns on you so you can get a photo op and say, look! I was harassed by the police 2, like you have been many times, erica!

Enrages and repulses me.

Bipolar people feel, a lot! We are easy prey for sociopaths because we have a hard time shutting off the ability to care about other human beings.

We are also quick to reach out for help when we need it. We will, for example, write to you privately.

We are easily emotionally damaged. And it will come out in our art. So when you hear a wo/man calling you a hoe or a bitch, in say — a rap? for your actions against his/her person? It is most likely because that person is bipolar, feels deeply, and you damaged that person — badly.


a few examples:

Oh, asking a sociopath to get a job? Is like asking them to fly to mars. The idea of having a job where they have to actually do work? Is absolutely unheard of. They live off other people’s money. They feel extremely entitled to it. They make zero sacrifices to earn it.

See: Jessica Moore in the afterschool program. That is the only job Jessica Moore has ever had besides making “art”. And even in that job? She did the minimal amount of labor that she could. Her friend did the painting. The kids helped. And she cleaned paintbrushes and made sure her son’s face? Appeared on the wall. Jessica Moore does nothing that doesn’t center herself and her son.

Same with Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl. She has never had a job. Sociopaths love control and power over other humans. They will do whatever they can to make you believe that they care about you? To access your resources.

I don’t want to be the center of shit. And I love teaching kids. I just wanna support YG. And help him get happy and healthy. Plus teach his baby to swim. So she does not drown in the pool while he looks at his phone and reads my blog. He also needs his eyes checked. Because he has a stigmatism in the left one. And should have glasses on while reading. Lol!

Plus, money!!!!!!! Off my ideas. No one else’s.

And giving back to humans who need it. That’s it. Simple shit.

Sociopathy is an extremely serious mental illness. You have to be very careful with sociopathic “organized confusion”.

Sociopaths don’t know how to feel. Meaning, they can’t feel. They don’t know how to love. That is what makes it so easy for them to damage other human beings. And have not a second thought about it.

They feel no guilt. No remorse. No sadness.

They take on multiple personas. Because they have very little sense of self. One of the only things they derive pleasure from? Constant sexual activity. Physical pleasure. No emotional pleasure.

Sociopaths are the world’s best manipulators. They have to tell themselves to care more about other human beings. A sociopath is likely to have many “lovers” and no loyalty to any of them. They lie pathologically, they cheat as a lifestyle, they steal from whoever they can.

They are dangerous. And there are a lot of them.

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore are two of the most dangerous sociopaths in the United States. They have spread HIV, intentionally, all through hip hop.

Stay away from them.

Sociopaths never believe they need help. They see no problems with their actions.



Yikes Dream Hampton!! What a nightmare!! I bet people are really pissed!!

That sucks!! Totally the opposite of what I was writing about. *shrug* — not my problem.

It’s yours.

Cute black babies are your problem as well. If mother’s die giving birth. If there’s zero healthcare. If there’s no social safety net. If homelessness goes through the roof — if the worst things you can possibly imagine, happen?

You got your wish. And so did everyone else who followed you off a sociopathic cliff — with their greed, lack of concern for other human beings, hoeing, and hatred.

Everybody rockin wit me? Will be okay.

It will be interesting to see how you, Dreamy/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl, “create new worlds as they inevitably arise” 🙃🙃

I have other things to focus on.

Mainly, good love!

One thing you learn, quickly, as a swimmer in the ocean?

Fighting the tide?

Quickest way to drown.

I’m out! Swim time! “See” ya’ll later!

Sorry prison culture/Dream Hampton. I will not be working on the super left. It’s 2 left. Filled with organized confusion. And HIV.

This is more, me.

Dental care is VERY important. 😷😷

Oh, LOVE heals all wounds. There is no cure for emotional wounds, but human love and affection. Healing hugs. You can hug yourself all day long. It’s not enough. You need the power of human touch.

It’s a human need. Not sex.


I’m mad late for sunset surfing. Have a good evening. Tweeting. Posting. I need to be active. I feel better, moving.


Whether it’s dancing, or roller skating, swinging, riding my bike, swimming…

I feel better. My body and mind feel — healthier.

“The revolution’s here. The Revolution is personal.” — name that creator! Lol!

People need to get over dumb shit. Stop generalizing and judging whole groups of human beings for being who they were born being, over things they can’t help. You can’t help what your skin color is. What country you were born in. What gender you are. What accent you have. Whether you were born poor or rich. When you will die, or how long you will live.

You can help how you treat other human beings from jump. And how you respect other human beings. And yourself. Just the way you were created.

Try it.

I have no time to discuss how good my pussy is. I have no time to fuck random niggaz I don’t know, and who have zero respect for women. I have no time to walk around 1/2 dressed. No time to shake my ass.

That’s hoe shit. And my sex life is private. you won’t see it in pics. On film. Nothing. There are no pics or footage of me floating through hip hop. There are no men who can say I don’t carry myself like a lady at all times. There are no men who can say I dog them and treat them trash, without just cause to speak on their actions towards good women.

It’s called having — class.

Get some. Drop the trash!!

Again, correcting the hoes. I’m not a hoe, bad dominicana. You are a hoe. That is what you call yourself. And that is your primary occupation. Hoeing.

I’m not mad. I’m telling you what has happened for capitalizing off of my private words. To one person only. With the sociopath, Dream Hampton. It was out of my hands many years ago.

Learn what sistahood really is.

And keep your HIV spreading legs closed. Thank you.

Bitches who struggle with not spreading HIV? #notBLACKwomenproblems

Life really sucks ya’ll. You always have to remember to not take people for granted. And to fully embrace the love you have when you have it. Simple shit. Don’t be a hoe. And the vast majority of you? Would be all set! And the world wouldn’t be in this predicament. It’s your hoe moment living that causes death and destruction. Clean up the trash!! Fast!


“It’s my lifestyle! It’s my lifestyle!”

Ohhhhhhh hooooooo!


Killin it! Lmmfao!

Cruisin! Rappin, dancing, in the ride! They ain’t playin on the radio!

Ya’ll know all the lyrics though? Like me?


I gotta stop here first. I had a super salad for breakfast and now?


Then, Malibu! I will spend all afternoon there tommorow as well. I gotta head up to the school dept. tomorrow morning. Didn’t get there on Friday messing wit jobless HIV infecting twitter hoes. *shrug*

7/11? They got slurpies! And hot dogs! Both of which you eat and drink. I bet you and Dream Hampton, could even eat — for free!

No stealing out the register hoes!!

Jobs hoes!!



I’m off to surf! Late!

Have a great afternoon! 😘

(YG like girls who are like boys. Whoop yo ass silly! Don’t you see all the women he be promotin? They all MC lyte chics!)

I never thought Mc Lyte was no lesbian. That? Was pretty obvious?

I knew what her deal was. I was like, that is my role model! Lmao!


None. of. you. hoe. moment. hip hop niggaz. are. disrespecting. me!

That’s all. MC lyre was madly in love, wit the hoe, Sam!!

She had to drop his ass.

Pretty much!


Ya missed it. Janet Mock”ery”. Laverne Cox? Has a penis. Cox? Lmmfao! She is a two spirit person. Not a fake HIV speading whore!!

(YG is not gay ya’ll. I’m sorry to break the news. He really likes pussy. A little too much lmao! He just gotta deal with my brazy ass. Lol! I have no issues with trans women who have penis’! None, at all! I’m a trans man with a Vagina. You tryna put me in a dress and a face full of makeup? You might get kicked in your nuts!! If I don’t feeeeeeel like it! *shrug* lol!)

Real black peoples bout to do what we’ve always done. For free. Thank you! We don’t want your money for being activists on behalf of — humanity!

Not black supremacy.

Not white supremacy.

Human beings!

And we will support any human beings who are who they actually are — who have zero shame about being who they actually are — in the skin and bodies they were born in.

No hesitation.

(We will not be supporting any HIV infecting/fake trans hoes. So die, with your HIV infecting “lifestyles”. no one cares about a miniscule minority of human beings. Who do not understand that hoe moment are not celebratory of love. Just — basic common white girl lust. You are nobodies. Just a plague. That is all. There are artists? All over this planet. Facts. Who will chop off your head for that foul living. I’m one of them. No guns needed.)


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