cooking, eating, and tweaking todays matemáticas. i have to teach some background info. in order for students to understand that a square has 4 equal, linear, sides. and that no matter how it’s positioned? this is true at any angle. they don’t understand measurements with a ruler too hot. teacher fuck up. i didn’t even think about that! lol! that’s okay…

teachers know how to rework and work around everything. my lesson for tomorrow, will teach centimeters and inches, and support the original plan. detail oriented. hahahahahaha! skills son! lmao!

have a good evening.


“we need a new freedom…and radical imagination” — marc lamont hill. (personally, i’m sick of dreaming about shit. i’m a visionary. freedom fighting with a hefty dose of “radical imagination”.

except, most people call that “crazy”. you can decide what’s really crazy. and what’s radical: “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.” lol)

and this is true. i don’t rush a thing. i like made with: love, quality, and longevity. over heartless, cheap and flitty (in the modern sense of the word). you can flit around me, all day — if you gay. *taaaaaaaaaay!* *zig zag finger snap* hahahahaha!

right now though, while everyone’s all tied up, i’m working on exceeding expectations. teaching dreamers. long terms plans are not the same as quickly put together ventures.

it’s okay kanye. you’re forgiven. that’s not stoppin me. *natural beauty* hahahahaha!

worry bout gettin well, homie. tell kim i said whussup! lmao! (you know when you can tell a woman really loves her man? much as she likes twitter? she ain’t even been on that bitch! lmao! it’s all face to face — person to person. lmao! i hear THAT! can’t WAIT! hahahahahaha!)

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