School. 😁

I’m off this for a minute. I’ll be back to see who you tryna harm soon. Wit your black lives matter. I know how ya’ll (mostly) jobless hoe asses get down now. Bunch of unnecessary nonsense. Your lifestyles are — horrid.

Reminder: I don’t want your bum ass man. I’ve already dealt with some devil niggaz. I’m all set wit that. And I ain’t no “Becky”. 😒 Nor am I all that impressed by celebrity. A bunch of regular ass niggaz wit and witout money from ideas stolen from other people’s lives. Be original. Try. I’m teaching kids to be better than that ish.

Get right in your souls. And live righteously. I don’t care about your booty. Your weave. Your makeup. Your clothes. Your nails. Or your stolen art. I only care about good love. And I have no idea why you bother to have kids if you just gonna leave them wit the nanny to go party. I don’t want to walk on no red carpet. And I could care less about anything but hip hop cleaning itself up. Reggae been on that tip. Jessica Moore and the hoes can’t get no dick in Jamaica.

Dedicated to all you hoes:

I want my extra — private — luv. Wit my man.

And no one ever being able to call me a dirty crazy bitch. In a rap song. Or the devil in a reggae trak. Cuz they’d be lying.

Or a man. Cuz it’s ERICA. Get that through your pigeon brain. Talib. 😷😷 And I’m not the problem. Ya hoe is. A bunch of Dream Hampton crazies!! 😒

Leave Ben Shapiro alone! That nigga is tired of you. Like most of hip hop.

He is not defending no neo Nazis. He is a Jew in a damn yarmulka. They don’t like Jews. I don’t think he said affirmative action is racist. I think he’s critiquing it. Which is his right. And we already know he feels bad about his Trayvon Martin statement and could care less had he been the one driving down the street. He does not care about black people walking down the street. I seriously doubt he pays as much attention to black people as you think he does Talib. He certainly pays ZERO attention to you.


No one is discussing this dumb ass niggaz right to kneel for the national anthem. Bravo! I commend him. I’m talking about his DL “Hershey’s kisses” dick, his interest in Somalis he don’t have no connection to (married ones at that 😒), and his dumb ass foundation that makes money off the deaths of black people. Ain’t none of those victims families seen a dime.

His ass better start wearing a condom. His crimes against women are worse than a stupid flag and the racists carrying them.

He is a traitor. To women.

The fact that Talib feels the right to critique anyone considering that he cheats on his wife (get rid of that trash nigga please!) with one of the biggest poly whores in hip hop, and some other twitter hoes, and lies about women he does not even know? Is super bold. I have never seen Ben Shapiro degrading any black women. And some of ya’ll are some serious hoes. Moms at that. And then you wonder why your kid’s phone looks like a porn site. At 10. Don’t. Kids learn everything from your actions.

Concentrate on your characters. They lacking. Sittin up there supporting some nonsense cuz you think I want Jay Z. Beyoncé. Stop getting me confused wit Dream Hampton. She the hip hop hoe. I ain’t never fucked wit no niggaz in hip hop. I do not bounce from dick to dick.

And I only love one man. YG. It has everything to do with his character. And him giving back to the babies. Money does not impress me. Cleaning up his lifestyle. Does. Ain’t no one tryna live in the Hollywood Hills 😷😷, and ride around in a some fancy overpriced car. Especially an environmentally unfriendly gas guzzler. Can’t even go to the supermarket in that shit. I am not interested in paparazzi craziness.

And 1/2 ya’lls rap music is trash. I can’t stand it. No writing skills. And nothing original. I do not want to listen to no niggaz talking bout: pussy, what he can buy me, they fake body parts, or how much they weave cost. And i’m not interested in “conscious” rap niggaz and they hoes. A bunch of foolishness.

Have a good day ya’ll. 😘

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