second trip…

i get very nervous about him going. driving a truck with food to haiti in this?

is dangerous. stress. he’s bringing his boy who speaks fluent kreyol so that makes me feel better. he’s laughing though. he let me know he’s gonna be okay. i will be on pins and needles till he gets back, cuz whatsapp reception is not that good over the border. 24 hours. tops. he’s having no problem getting in, but he had to hand over a few crates to these dudes with machine guns at the border. he said they stopped him for an hour. first run. this time i was like, that means you need to save some for the way out. and he’s like you’re right, you’re smart (wtf?! don’t piss me off! lol!! women really need to think for men sometimes — ya’ll need to step your game up. lol!)

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