see how well, he mocks the national anthem? it’s loud, but appropriate. lol

never have i owned an american flag. and never will i own an american flag. i don’t believe in flags. at all. too many black women in my family? lost children, and lost GOOD men — to a country that has never supported black and brown people. everything WE have, we created ourselves. just imagine, if you will, being a black or brown person who was just “emancipated” from slavery. no money. no education. no home. no place to go. with racists who want you dead. and finding a way to live. and i’m trying, very hard, not to be resentful about it. i’m tired of all the people who REALLY STRUGGLE, WORK WORK WORK, refusing to buy into the system, not getting anything at all…

i’m also, tired of this:

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