*settle for more* (which is what i’m doing, cuz, smdh. no way am i going for those antics) & music to brighten your day :). (and saving paul ryan…because he’s like one of the only sane people in the republican party! i like senator ryan. i think he’s a good man. unlike donald trujillo. lmao!)…lauren chief elk though. another genius. lol! i don’t do dictators or steal other people’s shit. people can speak for themselves as they see fit. human beings! really intelligent human beings! (mainly women, and gay men. don’t ask. lol) (note: i love “listening” to black and brown women on social media. it’s humbling and enlightening. do i agree with everything? No. Lol do is disagree with everything? No Lol. That’s what makes us — individuals, instead of one amalgamated brain of “all the same”. We’re diverse. It’s refreshing. Right now? I’m hungry. Gotta work this evening. [“Slave” labor] Take a nap. Hit my girl back. And get ready for school on Monday. Immediate human priorities. Stay up! & “monie in the middle & “back to the middle” — todo con moderacíon — which was told to me over this tea, that helped with the anxiety and inability to stop crying. & i love beyoncé for deeply personal reasons. like a lot of women. she’s part of an endangered species. not a very good sign — but i’m not trying to get 2 [women] depressed — happy is the way to go. any way i can that “feels good in my soul” lol so, bzzz………………………lol!)

i’m on that. that woman has been through “WHITE MALE PATRIARCHAL CAPITALIST SUPREMACY” hell! lol i like megyn kelly. do i agree with everything she says? no. lol do i think she respects all kinds of women? yes. and do i think that she has been through hell, at the network of “news” with all the “fox”es lmao! yes. just to try to do real journalism, instead of whatever that MESS is. LOL!

i am ordering it through here, and walking to dudley to pick it up. because i support small businesses (big ones too. i can’t lie. i go to target, and home depot. sometimes. i try not to lol walmart? ha! i will never give them a dime! lol!)

i would think about ordering from here? but i don’t know if they do “special orders”. there’s a minature bipolar dictator who owns that spot. he will cuss you out if you say something he doesn’t like. then call you a “stupid coon” (white or black), and tell you to “shut up bitch” (white or black) lmmfao! block you, then tell you that he is not going to be bullied by you, or anyone else!!! lol especially if you’re remedy wu or whatever that dude’s name is who made a hilarious diss trak! lmao! (i still think they should go have a meal together and talk. instead of entertaining the globe with insults! that’s what i tried to do but you know, i don’t do “white” girls, i mean “black” girls, i mean “hoes for whoever” who threaten you with the police and cointelpro). i think the dude’s cool. freedom of expression works for me, especially, when you’re purposefully being targeted and silenced. talib kweli went to private school. i’m sure he learned pretty quickly to listen to cool white kids when they told him it’s all a bunch of bullshit. lol! that’s what alex kerry told me in fourth grade. senator kerry’s daughter. (it’s a joke about him being a dictator. bipolar? yes. lol and he really does get death threats from racists, where he then responds with — ‘i dare you to come to one of my shows, bitch.’ which is just like me! get your mixed ass in my vicinity? so you can get your ass beat. righteously. lmao! which is both dangerous. and brave. smh).

same genius:

have a good day ya’ll.

beauty or skills? lol!

ha! who forgot to tell you — you are stunningly beautiful, inside and out — makeup free too?! it was, shocking! lol (you are super intelligent btw, not that that matters when you’re a black woman who can cook *side eye* lol.)


ugh. well, i’m glad that rudolph guiliani, who has tons of problem with women from the looks of his personal life lol, thinks that leaking information illegally in some damn private emails is more important

than actual sexual predators who want to be president.

do i like hillary clinton? not really. i think she lost her women’s roots way back when.

do i like donald trump for president. HELL NO! LOL! that man needs about as much therapy as hitler did. and i am not interested in him going anywhere near any political office in this country. that man is not in touch with reality at all. he’s mega rich! he can’t even remember when there were any working class people IN his family. lmao! i have no desire to go back to slavery. or, to have to work as a maid in one of his many many trump enterprises, that he thinks are on the horizon if he becomes president. i have no desire to see his face and hairdo plastered all over the sides of buildings. or then have to go around tearing down his statues like he’s sadaam hussein and shit. no thank you. his services are better needed and put to use — elsewhere. lol

this is scary. because the hawaiian islands are pretty isolated.

this is just scary. since every living species on earth is connected? this is not such a good sign. i’m very optimistic that REAL conservatives will be looking into this. lol!