sexual consent — and confusion & why i will survive a nuclear attack lol yes, i want a business. but that’s contingent upon having people left to purchase anything lol

can someone clear up the difference between consenting to sex — without all information necessary to make an informed decision — and street harrassment/assault/rape? because i’m a little tired of women acting as though the only things that ever happen to us? street harassment, assault, and rape.

very important topics that need to be addressed. we can’t ignore them.

which is why hillary is winning for president, because we don’t have any time to play political games with donald trump, or your “friends” who got him this far.

there won’t ever be a chance for the green party to get on the ballot. because all of humanity will be gone (except for a couple of pockets of people with some serious survival skills…and while ya’ll may be good at a protest? i don’t think you know how to forrage for edible foods, build shelter in the wilderness, or decontaminate radiated water. and you will not be trying to “follow” me or my little bro, who knows how to do ALL that — i have some pretty dope skills too, you really should spend more time, outdoors. YOU, can die on the street. protesting. or reading poetry. or filming radiation sickness. i’m only taking a select group of people with me. if that happens. and you’re not on my “schindler’s list”. Neither is DONALD TRUMP. He can sit in that tacky ass gold house — who told him that looked good — until all his food runs out, he starts spitting up blood, the sores pop up, shitting everywhere, bleeding from his eyeballs. Radiation poisoning is a slow torturous death. )

and i actually do want “your people” to “have a seat at the table”, but i don’t think you realize? just how “your people” operate. so why don’t you get “your people” in check. quick. fast. and in lightening speed. like a bipolar genius.

i’m concentrating on explaining to donald trump, exactly why hillary is winning and his dumb ass will never be president.

is there more you don’t want to share though? lol take your time…

in the mean time? everyone?

it’s a joke. those always work in grim circumstances.

wilderness skills. i love new hampshire! live free or die!!! they just currently became co-ed. all boys. lol

i went here. i love massachusetts! a black cap on the 5 mile swim. lmao:

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