She has aids. She has spread HIV globally for 25+ years. In poly pansexual orgies. With anybody’s man.

She holds — primary — responsibility for restarting that epidemic in Atlanta.

Saying she was Erica.

She also has permanent incurable gonorrhea.

Don’t fuck the trash whore.

Without 2 condoms. In case one breaks. Ask her to spread her legs, and sniff the air…first. There will be a foul smell. Gonnorhea doesn’t smell good according to research.

Unless you want both of them.

The diseases that is. HIV and gonnorhea.

Could also be permanent syphilis. Which is why she doesn’t know who she is. And like a “real” artist, doesn’t know what day of the week it is.

Even though she has a school aged child. And according to her “friend” is “the hardest working” mother.

Harder than the poets in Cave Canem?

With slave labor jobs? And art?

Why are you giving the finger on your book? To Ahi Baraka? A severely abused and schizophrenic man.

Calling him a loser.

It’s your “friend”? Jessica Moore who infected Amiri Baraka. And you. And thousands of other men as well.

She took reggae.

Dream took hip hop.

Ava took Hollywood.

That was their plan, to infect as many men, hence women, as they can.

Some trash. The Men.

Some who thought these hoes loved them. GOOD MEN.

And at least one who was smart as fuck!


He has EVERY RIGHT TO USE THE LANGUAGE THAT HE DOES. I fully support his expression.

“You little stupid ass bitch. I don’t fuck with you.”


And Jessica Moore is not a 1, she’s not a 4, and she’s not a 7.

She’s a whore.

7 is the god number.


If you fucked this chic?

You’re the loser. Everyone is who fucked her without a condom

Get her sexually abused, fatherless child, alone.

In a safe space.

Totally different version of that testament.

He does all the work. That’s why he looks like an old man, at 10. This hoe’s never around.

She prostitutes herself, to get paid. Steals words from other women to claim they are hers. And runs that big ass black girl mouth. Talkin shit she knows nothing about.

Like — loving — black men.

Oh. I was unaware that love equals thank you for that non transparency and hiv.

I really wanted this. Horrific. Virus.

Thank you world!

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