Sick of politics. Do I want Jeff Sessions as attorney general? No. I think his history has shown he is dangerous to black and brown people, anyone with a difference/disability, some children who are undocumented, and dominicans (guess who fits into all 4 categories, not nightmare, not care less), guess what i’ll be doing? Staying mixed blk, bipolar, teaching my students, and loving my man.

Ya’ll can stress over Sessions. Hopefully he’ll lock you two women up — for extreme bullying. And leave black and brown hardworking (even with a difference) slave labor, people? Alone (which covers me, the majority of black and brown people, my students all over america, all the mentally different, and all Dominicans).

Bout time we start locking up real criminals. And freeing my niggaz (men and women) in there on some bullshit convictions.

Have a good evening.

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