I told Nipsey what he REALLY should try! That’s a DM he could slide in. She will tell him — exactly — what she thinks. No games.He does listen. He need an educated woman wit her — OWN — shit. I can vouch for her character. She legit.

It really is not my lifestyle. Hollywood. Glaaaaaamour. I don’t like it. It makes me feel very — uncomfortable. I like comfort. And being in a tight knit community of people who support each other. I do not like your lifestyles. At all.

I don’t care! I love — YOU!


Listen, if Deray don’t want Jessica Moore?A Orgie with the trash men, just cuz those niggaz helped her move her barrels (are you joking?? Lol!) Or another married man?

She can always BE WHAT — SHE — REALLY IS!

A straight up — LESBIAN!

Never be afraid of who you really are and what you really like to do the most.

Yeah for vaginal interlocking! Winning!


There the hoes go again. No one is knitting FOR MOORE. 😒 Tell that bitch to knit her own shit. My mother’s busy knitting blankets and hats and gloves and booties for black and brown and white women at Rosie’s place and their children!

who are — homeless! Off her — OWN — money. What hoeing? Teach Deray to knit. He’d like that shit. He a gay/poly/bi/pan/femme/trans.

Let’s just tell the truth. That nigga is — confused!!


Try and make my dad knit some shit? You might get stabbed in the eye with a needle.


Cuz he’s in real prison for some bullshit!! And you walking around free after REAL BULLSHIT!! And obviously, the people who runnin that magazine? In Chicago? Like him !— better than you!!

You are not even from Chicago. Why does your — face!! — have to be all over the planet? Huh?? Go find Jessica Moore. And have a hoe moment DL orgie with her!! In the cold! Keep that shit amongst yo damn selves!! She loves you. You are her kings landing in a garbage dump!!

She need a new baby daddy. To replace the original one and the other fours. In — fake — blue. 😒

Two lying cheating stealing sociopathic wanna be butterflies.

You can be number 666. No one else. Is interested. Except for some married man. Another hoe. Oh. 😒


Nope. I’m on 7's. Women who work!

Trash hoe!!

William Sonoma? Lol! I’m the chic who builds my — OWN — furniture. I just go to Home Depot/Loews/The hardware spot. I mix it up. Pick out the wood. Look at free patterns online for the furniture I want . I got a circular saw. A jointer. A sander. A nail gun. Hardware. If I have any questions? I just ask the Home Depot/Loews people!

I started with bookshelves. Then? I became a little obsessed.

My only beef? I’m left handed. And right handed tools are more expensive. And more dangerous.

Discrimination !! Against marginalized people ! 😡

😒 smh.


Alternate hoe moment mixed black Jesus hoe? Who does not understand that women who — work — never been hoes at all. Never fucked for no man hoes money or access to resources. That he obtained through the abuse of other women.

We — are — everything!

We — a wide — diversity!

And we ain’t going — anywhere!

(I’m so tired of this house nigga trash!! Makeup. Flyy hair. Weaves. Wigs. And a shitload of plastic surgery.


I am keeping my eyes on the prize. And you just not matching my standards for what righteous women and men are.

So…grab a hoe !!

I so do not feel “alone”. Sperm on tap. For the next generation.

Of black.

Any man who plays me? Always winds up unhappy. With massive regrets. Like, damn!

They live in the hell they created — for themselves. In the back of their minds?

Why did I ever step out on such a — good — woman!

We exist. Good women. You play us?

Burn in hell.

Sorry. I’m not the mixed black chic who fucks other people’s men. But, has a husband at home. Who — trusts her — not to be a hoe. Had I had a man like that? Broke or not. I would have been perfectly content.

I had men who:

1) wanted a harem of hoe moment pigeons.

2) chasing after an HIV spreading, Dream. Who dumped his ass on a one year stint in prison.

3) hadn’t made it crystal clear to his telenovela fried chicken eatin fat wife, that he was not interested in her hoe moments at the colmado. And really wanted a virtuous woman who supported him. While doing her.

So, no.

Adios. Mixed black cheating hoe. And I saw right through your — fake — concern. Just so you know. Go link with Jessica Moore. You used to — love her. Like, a year ago.

They called you a bulldog? Lol!

They called me trans woman girl! 😒

Hoes jealous cuz you not a hoe. Oh well.

Those your — real — boobies? 😮

You don’t eat meat? 😮

You don’t want to be fat? 😮

You have a phD? 😮

You have an actual — job! 😮

Get ready! They are coming to kill you!

Cuz this is how it actually works in black twitter womanhood. I am — smart!! (😒), I know big words!! (😒), I have a beautiful face (😒), fenty girl!! (😒), you think you are better than me just because you have degrees — plural (😒), I can cook (😒), I can write (😒), I am everything that’s important! I have a blue check mark from white capitalist supremacist hoe moment — gay — patriarchal jack man (😒), I talk about my oppression as a black woman (😒), you do not see me (😒), I’m also a hoe (😒), you do not respect sex workers (😒), black men do not respect us (😒), no men respect us (😒),

i HATE you (😁).



Ben Shapiro is totally correct. There has been — zero — ideological shift for me. I am the exact same liberal conservative I have always been. *shrug* people will deal with it.

Side note: if my black father — ever — had tried to abuse me or my white mother?

That nigga would have been — dead.

My white mother? Takes far less shit from men than most of you black twitter hoes do. You gets nothing — at all. Until you get your shit together.

That’s why hoes have to steal from me. And my life. Cuz they put up with trash men. They actually — fuck — -them. And sometimes, produce kids with them.


My ass will be at the pet store.

If that’s what I have to do to get rid of a hoe moment man’s kid. After I realized he was a hoe?? A hoe who expects — me — to do all the work. On — my — money?

Nigga got me twisted like mu’fucka!

That is consequently why I have — zero — empathy for women who have good men. Dump them. To become sex worker/sex positive/poly sexual/somethin 😒 to preach to women who have always supported they men. About how trash men are.

No. YOU treat men like trash. Lying to, and cheating on, and stealing from them. We are not part of the same “sistahood”. And you will — not — be speaking for me.

Yeah. It may take me a while to walk away from him.

Madly in love.

But have his baby?

I am NOT stupid.


(Couldn’t be me.)


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