societal norms

quick read of a woman explaining poverty and the lack of upward mobility in the u.s. based upon gender, race and class. she compares it to caste.

the u.s. dream of upward mobility as a possibility — is a farce. capitalism does not allow for it. it’s an economic and cultural system that cannot subsist without the financially disabled lower classes providing their underinflated labor to whatever product is being created, by said capitalist would require ethics, and a lack of greed on the part of the owners and their shareholders to even approach the possibility of a different kind of company... which makes me wonder if capitalism is the problem, or human nature for the majority in ya’lls society. lol

there’s nothing wrong with having your own business and making a profit. every artist in hip hop is doing it lol so nobody should be looking down at any blk woman analyzing the issue and/or who herself lives in poverty, thinking…it’s a possibility. lol what’s the new blueprint? because the lying, cheating, stealing one is not working in the “information age”. and the exploitation of the environment, human beings, and collective resources? ain’t flying either.

(stimulated thinking off prompts. provided by f.j. — i don’t even know whether to give the sista credit because she speaks about hypervisibility and consumption enough that i’m hesitant lol)

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