“somali’s — in maine — and staying”

(why you capin for a woman you fucked over, who you tryna dump on the next man with a wife, don’t she deserve — better — than that? i can’t stand this trick. he’s like one of those irriating students who calls his mother a bitch, just cuz of what his daddy did. fuck your music. i’m more interested, in righteous living.)

here’s a blast, can “you pronounce the name”

yes, i can.

he’s my stupid ass student.




who don’t you do the right thing, instead of always hiding behind women, and fake nazis and


who are telling you?

no thanks? you decide to attack everybody while they ask you WHO your kids is…

i bet you DO have multiple kids,

you ain’t even

claimed. that’s what i’ve learned about these “concious” black men.

stead of two dudes, with one daughter,

a piece.

that’s why i love nipsey, and YG. and,

my dad.

one daughter.

(and i don’t want to hurt your kids dude. i know they watching, your every move)

which is why he,

don’t even claim you.

can’t promote him, cuz you fucked over his mama too.

whatchu gonna do…

“when you have to face, the manifestation of the words, that you put in space. they already there, you can’t take EM out. the studio gangsta, inside you,

tryna break out”

why don’t you just

stop it.

i did. decided to rely on what i do best.

which is,

you will not pass your debts onto anyone else. that’s for ya’ll niggaz to figure out. i didn’t fuck

no one.


i made,

love. on

lies. that’s for HIM

to figure out.

you will not try to steal what ain’t yours to have. you are not building off MY WORDS, for your fake black tea anything.

and you,

are not the only bookstore, besides amazon,

people can cop from.

you need to stop your nonsense. get back to your


before you lose ever friend in existence (your likes, come from the white people, who are an overwhelming majority, at your shows.

i know.

i bought tickets).

4 fuckin times,

for this?

dumb shit.

you won’t hurt



i don’t care what color she is.

so pack it up. or imma keep

comin…for that head. on a stake. like a neanderthal. with a super black grandma. who has my back,

at all times.

she knows what this is. just another black man using,

and abusing,

black and brown women.

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