Sorry. The only #4 I’m traveling to? Is in LA. On a plane. United. I already been to Newark, on my own slave labor money — 3 times. I don’t feel safe. Not a safe space. I feel like there’s massive abuse. I feel like you should have gotten — rid!! RAID!! — of those hoes!! Many years ago. I will support you in your effort to clean up other people’s messes. I do it, as well. I have never had a problem working for free — if it means doing the correct thing. And working 2 other jobs.

You should hold people accountable for their actions!! Real social justice!

I want Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore, and Asha Bandele. Lying, cheating, stealing — hip hop whores!! Who don’t have/don’t know — who they baby daddy’s are.

To make restorative justice. Face to Face. I know they afraid of black people, in the hood. Which is why they ain’t gone yet. Cuz every muthafucka in Newark? Probably, wants them dead.

I want my ex, to get mental health treatment. Immediately. He is going to open up his mouth, and speak in a safe space. About being abused by Amiri Baraka. And those 3 hip hop whores. Anyone else feel that they’ve done something very very wrong. Needs to go with them. To Newark. To apologize. Face to face.

I want to see something different. And experience — real love. Not a dream about it.

(As long as Steve Bannon is in touch with his Irish working class slave labor roots? Dream Hampton. I don’t give a fuck what he does with you. I already told your hoe moment ass. Your life is unimportant in comparison to 7 billion people’s. You 3 hoes? I don’t care about your abusive hoe moment hip hop hating asses. At all. Not even, a little.

“Sometimes you have to cut the dead branches off the tree, for the tree to grow.” — Jamal (gangsta wisdom)

These kids are the best! I love them as well. So much more!

But I really want man love! As well!

Kids are excellent!

How do you think they’re made? Lol!

Immaculate conception?


Those 3 hoes (it makes no difference to me that they’re mixed black women), are not good examples of mixed black women. They are horrible role models.

A good role model? Is a woman who writes the truth. Gets nothing by using her body like a hoe. Does not lie on innocent people. Does not cheat on the person she loves. Does not steal other people’s property.

And has absolutely no shame in the — love — that created them.

I am not ashamed of having a white mother, and black father. At all, I don’t feel the need to label myself as black only. Maybe it’s because I’m so proud of my mother — for having absolutely nothing — disowned by her whole family. And she did the WORK! with help. To become such a good human being.

Who will help mediate between an refugee immigrant father (my ex’s best friend) and his hoe moment baby mama. So that he can have a relationship with his kid.

And, charge nothing for the service.

I have no shame that my mother is a white woman.

You should imagine what it is to be hungry. Escaping your country. Escaping — murder!! Like a runaway slave. And all you ask for is for someone to give a little. But they threaten your life instead. Tell you to block yourself. Make yourself not exist.

So they can be you. Instead of you being you.

In all bipolar beauty. And love.

It could be as simple as this. I’m hungry…

(I do not care about those whore’s singular children. At all. I cannot care about three hoes kids. When there are billions of children on this planet.


FJ: You should imagine what it’s like to get 3 hours of sleep, only, for 3 years straight. taking back the night? Is correct. Exhausted. While sociopathic hip hop hoes laugh — and ya’ll support the horror of it. So you can promote yourselves off other people’s lives. That you don’t even know. People who didn’t know you existed. People who don’t do dirt to others.

People who are actual regular human beings. With jobs. Where we open our mouths. And teach children. In action. Not lecturing. That’s not what teaching is. It’s giving people the information in various mediums. So they can make informed decisions about who they are. What they believe in. Their educations. Their characters. It’s bigger than skin color. Shouldn’t stick your sick dick in just anybody — and — everybody. everywhere.

(Just like you shouldn’t spread your legs, lie, cheat, steal and stalk…for your super capitalist hoe moment hip hop profits.)

That ain’t black. And those hoes ain’t my sisters. I don’t have sisters who watch horror for twenty years. And make money off of it. For their bougie ass material possessions. And to run their dick sucking man abusing mouths.

‘Hip Hop has nothing to offer me. Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s receptive to a certain type of growth, for women.’ — Dream Hampton

No. it’s not receptive to hoes!! Who lie on, cheat out of , steal from, and stalk innocent WOMEN!

Eh. This day isn’t that great. Cuz I’m gonna miss my kids. But, I can always call them. And reach out. And they’ll be happy to hear from my ass.

Cuz I’m really good people. I will sacrifice jobless, man hating, no practical life skills, no restorative justice — hip hop hoes!! — and their “art” — for kids from the hood.

Really. I like kids from the hood? Much much much much much — more!

(Films and poetry? Are no comparison. Cannot even hold a match, never mind a Neanderthal Yacub torch — fuck Amiri Baraka. I can’t stand that nigga or any whore’s who have ever supported his abuse of marginalized women and children — to kids from the hood. I will burn your whole house to the ground. For purification purposes. And dance around your decapitated heads. In relief. And peace. And love — for all humanity. Equally.)

The worst thing about being a hoe moment mommy? Is knowing you put your child’s life in danger. Put your kids on the front line of your hoe moment lifestyle? A very pigeon brained thing to do.

Call pop dukes? He cares more.

I have students transferring to a new school. Three in all. It’s closer to home. Tears today.

Tears. Real tears.

The feeeeeeelings! Ms. W and I care! The kids are all laughing at us. They are so resilient! Everything they’ve dealt with. It’s amazing that they’re still — living!

And their lives matter — so much more!

(Not your individual singular children. Your privileged, bougie, can do no wrong — just like they hoe moment mommies, children.

Everyone else’s. Kids die all the time. Where I’m from. You get used to it. Unfortunately.)

You right. Black lives matter, so much. You Jessica and Dream’s mixed and lying about it, cheating stealing stalking hoeing!! Lives?

Don’t matter at all.



Some of ya’ll twitter chics, especially Dream and Jessica, have the worst personalities. Like who would even want to be around them?

Unless you were using them, to promote yourself. They do it to everybody else.

Legs wide open!!


I’m trying to find a way to exorcise these hip hop hoes from my brain. They got themselves all caught up in my life, by not minding their own business. And taking care of their own skeletons. I have none. I didn’t create any for myself. Those were other people tryna pass their skeletons on to someone else, like it’s possible. This is my closet. Filled with trash I’ve done to many folks. You’re mixed like me! You know Ahi! (“What’s that, a type of tuna?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

Wanna share the load?

No hoe. 😒. I don’t.


This, is dedicated to them:


(My ass don’t share loads online, with other folks. My ass comes straight to your crib. And will beat your ass. Really.

erica’s crazy! ! I mean, I thought she’d “calmed down” since Howard. She’s so sweet and kind and loving…

what did I do?!



brazy nigga! get it — straight — in your hoe!! moment!! Pigeon!! Brained!! head!! (Did you fuck both those chics? Same time? Just a whole cest pool of disease. Big black holes swallowing up an entire hip hop universe. Slide up in that shit it takes a special mission to get out again.)


I’m getting all ya’ll heads out who are like,

“Yo dog? You fucked those washed up hoes? Err’body knows not to fuck with them.

But you.”

(That ain’t schizophrenia asha ashes. But you are talking about my ex. He has schizophrenia + from all you hoes abuses. Fucking you, Dream, or Jessica? [i bet he’s done you all. Which is why you consider yourselves “fam” lol! Fam on that dilznick. You fucked his dad 2? Like your fam? Jessica hoe moment Moore?] It’s a lesson in low self esteem. If I were a man, i wouldn’t stick my penis in any of you. You could pay me a billion dollars. Nope. No can do.)

And any woman who would put her mouth anywhere near your pussies? Without a dental dam bigger than a super damn!! in India?

Is just a naaaaasty gal!! Ya’ll are common hoes!! That is all.


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