someone just called me a lesbian!

am i supposed to be insulted?! lmmfao!

anyway, i’m not a lesbian. i like men. a lot!

and they all suck!! lol!

is that my fault? *side eye*

take some fuckin responsibility for your actions!

(i like gay men. they’re the best men! I mean, it’s amazing how many gay black men [and a surprising amount of white ones] treat women like we are actually humans! you don’t need a baseball bat! you don’t need anything! just to open your mouth, and speak. which i am actually doing, out loud, while transcribing my love train “of consciousness” [which is really a stream, or one of the tributaries that feeds the merrimack lol jack kerouac — another anglicized indigenous american word — and he knew it], thought process. i love reading out loud! by my damn self lmao! or with people i love and trust! lmao!)

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