sorry..dream hampton..not. “can’t take your slogans no more” — i’m bob — in.

you’re not really that good of a swimmer. you take pictures under water, for a photo op. and lay on the beach, like a dying whale. it’s obvious you don’t know how to swim.

exactly correct! you don’t understand me. you are about — death and destruction.

i am about — love and healing.

i’m a swimmer. a REAL swimmer.

get a job!! (i have 2 slave labor jobs. and this. watching you, watch me. cuz you have nothing else to do. but figure out how to lie, cheat, and steal…more. you have stalked me, for 20 years. you need mental health help. badly. along with your girl, jessica “care” moore.)

(darryl phillips said it best. you are “organized confusion”. correct! she is!! abusing marginalized people. don’t go near her. until she checks herself in. keep, all the evidence. #receipts !)

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