Poor fish. Never try to play a snapping turtle for a beached whale.

2–3 shots a day!

4–7? If you can handle yo shit. (And, have a job. So you can afford it. High quality whiskey. It’s not cheap.) Lmmfao!

Incorrect! We gankin you to ALWAYS GIVE BACK! to our roots. And not live, destitute. socialist capitalists.

I choose my own man. No niggaz “choosin” me. Guaranteed. I’ll roll right to the crib. On my own money.

I don’t beg no niggaz to come to me. Off bok choi. And bourbon.


The health benefits of bourbon bout as good as the beginning of karposi sarcoma on ya face!!

And that’s what you get. For intentionally infecting men — with HIV.

Die — slooooooowly.


Where’s that dolla, hoe? One dollar donation? Where is it — whore!!


Sorry ya’ll. This is the best hood anthem by a woman rapper, of the summer.

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