speaking of work? i need to go to school this morning. like the majority of teachers. school is not a club, where you spit poetry for 2 hours on a stage, and then complain about how hard you work. with your: one child only. hoe moments. and multiple abortions.

my very cool white roomie. who fronted me the money to go to cuba, and fronted me the money to help my somali ex when he couldn’t pay his rent? is out working. his slave labor carpentry job. he’s been gone? since 6am. he works, and always has, 6 days a week. he eats peanut butter and crackers on sundays. smokes joints. and watches football and/or cars going around in circles on a track. boring shit. (p.s. i don’t have to fuck him. no hoe moments. we’re actually friends. and front each other money, as needed. neither one of us has kids. but, we love kids. which is why tonight? he will be fixing the handlebars, on a “poor” black child’s bike. who, actually goes to my new school. and lives in the building behind my house. his mom was a single teen parent. who was very wary of the “white dude” who’s lived in this neighborhood since before she was born. but, she loves me. and was like, oh! that’s your roommate. okay. that’s cool. lmmfao!)

(he’s an anarchist libertarian. he likes cash money, over everything. and pays all his taxes. plus a shitload of money in mandatory state health insurance. which he didn’t even want. like most men, he hates the doctor. and i have to force him to go get checkups. cuz, i want my white friends? to stay healthy too.)

(he is not embarrassed when i have really bad cramps — which i’m looking forward to eliminating for 10 months, maybe — and need tampax at the store. because he had only sisters. and they taught him, early, exactly how they were going to be treated. highly educated women — because his grandmother, the italian american who called me “colored” lol! emphasized education for her white daughters, they continued the tradition. they make more money than their husbands. and each, have one child only. lol!)

(he can’t wait till i go to DR to see my handsome, slave labor man. cuz we be getting on each other’s nerves sometimes. arguing politics. he comes from a really conservative family. they want their tax money? out of washington. i want a social safety net and the elimination of poverty.

no one shops at walmart. and his dad has a compost. because he has an organic garden in the spring and summer. he also, still works. at 80 years old. because his wife has alzheimers and the way health insurance is set up? it’s either pay for in home care. or put her in a nursing home. and he, and his son? refuse to abandon their wife and mother.)


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