stop bullying men who don’t like you, cuz you’re abusive and straight fucking nuts! (you’re really sociopaths!) into wanting to be with you. jessica care moore. and dream hampton (you know how i know that dream hampton wants to be me? cuz the first time i posted a picture of my man #onhere? she tweeted this subliminal shit, about how fine he is. she was not thinking about my ex — at all. the dude she abandoned? she didn’t and doesn’t give a fuck about him. just like jessica care moore doesn’t give a fuck about my other ex. she just falls in love for something to write about, using and abusing men.)

like, enough is enough. they don’t like you. get over it. they are men in committed relationships. approaching emperor status’. leave them alone.

they don’t want to sleep with hoe moment chics. and they don’t want to abandon women — they love.

real love.

let it go.

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