Cited hoe!!

Along with your trademark of the words “humor” “activist” “woke” and some more trash. 😒

You crazy. You have no original experiences to write about cuz you don’t do shit. But sit in the house and copy other people. That you stalk online.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Write about that. Or get a job delivering pizza. And write about that. Or go to DR and write about that.

Or love someone besides yourself. And write about that.


You better talk to Feminista Jones. She the one who uses the word “misogynoir”. Which is the most bougie shit I ever heard.

Try not plagiarizing other people’s LIVES. just be the bougie boring ass writer that you are.

All YOU! Full credit! Cited!

That’s not me.

I’m snack at the beach lady. Then I go — in — the ocean, the water?

And swim and surf. I’m not making it up.

This blog is not a work of fiction or creative writing. It’s REALITY.

Your — life — is a work of fiction. Where are those degrees? Where’s your high powered corporate gig? Where’s your black neighborhood?


All you do is pretend you are other people. It’s my cuz who has the criminal justice degree. With a master’s in counseling psychology (Feminista Jones), it’s me who has a dual degree in English and cultural anthropology (and Morgan Parker as well apparently. I did not know that. But it does not surprise me. Lol!), it’s me who got a fellowship for creative writing, it’s me who got into CC first application.

Not Jessica Moore. Not Dream Hampton. Not Ava. Not Issa. Not you.

All you do is steal.

Ya’ll are not creative people.

Stop calling YG greedy!! He’s not greedy! He just tired of giving his money to all these people who want something from him. You be handin over money to niggaz and they don’t even say “thank you”.

They dog you! So why should you give the money you — work — for, to people who mock you on twitter. I handed over a couple hundred dollars to Trudy. I’m thinking this chic is hungry. What does she do wit the money? Buy some chucks. And some bok choi. And some makeup. So she can try to entice YG.

With the chucks I rock. And the food I eat. Bitch ain’t never worn no chucks, or eaten no bok choi before stalking me. Without me even knowing.

Ya’ll scandalous. You ain’t defending me. That’s for certain. Stop tryna get my money.


Bad Demon. You just got back from an all expense paid vacation to Sarajevo. You traveled all around the place in the last 2 months on someone else’s dime. For your art. Which I respect. You a talented bad demon. And you talk about being underprivileged? 😮

Ya’ll black twitter people are the most entitled privileged people I’ve ever encountered. You get everything for FREE and still say you're oppressed, while tryna steal my money.

Fuck you !!

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