super egos, men, and women in denial.

donald trump should drop out of the race. i understand that he is truly upset with all the h***, while these other men get praised by their communities. everyone stays silent about what they’ve done, enabled them to continue doing it too, women who don’t care about the abuse of other women (and that’s only because that would mean they’d have to take a good hard look at themselves). i mean, people post pictures of homie, and black people just fawn all over him. suck his dick like he’s the leader of some righteous movement, like there aren’t other black artists and a new movement forming, like his entire reputation doesn’t need to be burnt to a crisp — and buried.

to never rise again.

the thing that donald trump doesn’t understand is this…one man died with demons that he never came clean from. it’s a personal thing. he died — a lie. his own personal agony is his hell. so who cares who praises him? you have the opportunity to live, righteously. you still have a chance to rebuild your rep. that other dude (i assure you, righteous writers and poets know? he’s deplorable. a few have already told me they ain’t feelin him. at all. they’ve become their own leaders and heroes). let him be praised by his fam. and his smaller and smaller circle of supporters. you concentrate on how good a human your daughter is. like i’m concentrating on how good a human his son is. they are the saving grace of your families. look at how all these other black people are living. speaking out about injustice. writing all kinds of poetry. creating all kinds of art. they aren’t letting that man stop them. or you.

that’s what you need to focus on. besides, your own book says failure is just a stepping stone to success. that’s what i’m reading?! lol i’ve failed at a lot of things. doesn’t mean i can’t win. people want to see me fail too. they really do. they’ve taken my whole life and torn it to pieces. because they’re selfish. and filled with h***. be better than them.

i believe you can do it. just call this one quits, and start on your next venture. that’s what i did with people i loved. i was devastated. i couldn’t believe they treated me so damn poorly and here i am treating them like they mean the world to me. i let them go. they weren’t for me. just like the presidency is not for you. you don’t really want to be president. you like building things, not destroying them. i’m sure you have tons of other stuff to work on where your gifts are better off and appreciated by more than racists who are trying to rip this country to shreds.

this country has so many problems with race. and very few are willing to come correct. be one person who is.

move in silence.

let success be the loudest sound.